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Marvelously fruity & superbly fresh

Perfectly-balanced gentle acidity with a creamy fizziness

Unforgettable when paired to chocolate cakes & apple pies

Sensi Gold 18K Prosecco DOC (Italy)

Member rating / 3
6 Btls, $153.00 6 Btls, $133.04
Sensi Gold 18K Prosecco DOC (Italy)

Sensi Gold 18K Prosecco DOC (Italy)

Member rating / 3
Made from100% Glera grapes grown in the gravely, fertile alluvial terrain of the Treviso plain...
6 Btls, $153.00 6 Btls, $133.04


Pale straw-yellow in colour, enhanced by a crystal clear, crisp, lingering beading that brings out the exquisitely-subtle pear, citrus, white-fleshed fruit and  white-petaled flowers overtones to the full.  Marvelously fruity, pleasantly-dry and superbly fresh  on the palate, with a perfectly-balanced texture which combines gentle acidity and a lively, creamy fizziness.

Made from100% Glera grapes grown in the gravely, fertile alluvial terrain through  which the central section of the River Piave  flows along the valleys in the  top part of the Treviso plain. The soil in this area is alluvial and therefore gravelly and rich in silt and sand. It is very fertile and has a high quantity of carbonates and other micro-elements very useful for vines. Combined with the influence the river has on the micro-climate, all of these characteristics create the perfect conditions and habitat for vines.

The grapes are harvested early to meet its acidity and aroma and after a soft pressing is put to soak in cold for a few hours. Then the must is separated from the skins by pressing, clean for settling and fermented at controlled temperature with selected yeasts aromatics. After fermentation and aging in stainless steel fermentation Charmat method.

Food Pairing: Extremely versatile, allcourse wine, perfect in any convivial situation. Superb as aperitif, whenever raising glasses for a toast. The Spumante Brut version is especially suitable with appetizers, raw fish  starters and steamed seafood. Unforgettable when  paired to chocolate cakes and apple pies.















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Very lovely balanced prosecco dry with a lovely finish... best yet

Evelina - 19/02/2020


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