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Campbells Rutherglen Topaque NV 375ml (Australia)

4.5 Stars
The grapes are left until late in the season to achieve optimum ripeness, ensuring maximum fruit flavor and a high degree of natural sweetness.
Elsewhere $30.99 $26.95
6 Btls, $161.94 6 Btls, $140.82

Churchill's Port Trio Gift Collection (200ml)

4.5 Stars
The perfect gift, Churchill's white, ruby and tawny ports all in one pack

1 x Churchill's Reserve Port (200ml)
1 x Churchill's Dry White Port (00ml)
1 x Churchill's 10 Years Old Tawny Port (200ml)

Erp $78.00 $67.83
1 Pack, $68.00 1 Pack, $59.13
Elsewhere $30.99 $26.95
6 Btls, $167.94 6 Btls, $146.03
Elsewhere $29.99 $26.08
6 Btls, $143.94 6 Btls, $125.17

Tiki 'Koro' Waipara Noble Riesling 2017

100% Riesling grapes grown in Waipara, North Canterbury...
Member Limited Special
Elsewhere $35.00 $30.43
6 Btls, $173.94 6 Btls, $151.25

Sandeman Fine Tawny Port NV (Portugal)

The fruit and style of great Porto but with an added finesse...
Elsewhere $35.32 $30.72
6 Btls, $185.94 6 Btls, $161.69

Dow’s Fine Tawny Port (Portugal) (750ml)

Dow’s Fine Tawny manages to combine velvety smooth nutty and caramel aromas with delicious ripe fruit such as apricots
6 Btls, $197.94 6 Btls, $172.12

Villa Maria Cellar Selection Late Harvest Malborough Riesling 2019 (375ml)

4 Stars
Ripe flavours are achieved before dehydrating the Riesling grapes on the vine concentrating the sugars, flavours and acidities...
6 Btls, $101.94 6 Btls, $88.64

One Off Super Sticky Late Harvest Hawke's Bay Gewürztraminer 2019 (375ml)

The Gewürztraminer came from the winemakers own vineyard on the terraces at Mangatahi...
Elsewhere $35.99 $31.30
6 Btls, $179.94 6 Btls, $156.47

Taylor's Vintage Port 2016 (Portugal)

One of the world’s great iconic wines, made only in the very finest year...
Elsewhere $190.99 $166.08
1 Btl, $151.99 1 Btl, $132.17

Fonseca Vintage Port 2016 (Portugal)

A fusion of black cherry, cassis and blackberry jam aromas...
1 Btl, $177.99 1 Btl, $154.77

Sandeman Founder's Reserve Port NV (Portugal)

Named in honour of the Founder, this Reserve is one of Sandemans greatest Portos...
Elsewhere $42.99 $37.38
6 Btls, $221.94 6 Btls, $192.99

Jules Taylor Late Harvest Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018 (375ml)

Decadently sweet with concentrated flavours of mandarin, ripe nectarine and honey with hints of cloves...
6 Btls, $179.94 6 Btls, $156.47

Dow's 20 Year Old Tawny Port NV (Portugal)

4 Stars
This 20 Year Old Port is smooth, well balanced and mature and is ready for drinking now...
Elsewhere $132.99 $115.64
1 Btl, $122.99 1 Btl, $106.95

Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen Muscat NV (Australia) (375ml)

Fresh intense varietal aromas with rich and flavoursome layers of fruit flavours on the palate...
6 Btls, $179.94 6 Btls, $156.47

Alana Late Harvest Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017 (375ml)

4 Stars
Established in 1993, Alana Estate is a boutique winery nestled in the heart of the Martinborough township...
Elsewhere $28.00 $24.35
6 Btls, $101.94 6 Btls, $88.64

Fonseca Quinta do Panascal Vintage Port 2001 (Portugal)

4 Stars
Quinta do Panascal is a substantial Grade A property located in the heart of the Tavora valley, in the Cima Corgo region of the Douro...
1 Btl, $70.99 1 Btl, $61.73

Fonseca Guimaraens Vintage Port 2004 (Portugal)

5 Stars
Guimaraens vintage port is produced from the same three Fonseca quintas in the Cima Corgo which provide the backbone of Fonsecas vintage ports in declared years...
1 Btl, $90.99 1 Btl, $79.12

Villa Maria Reserve Botrytis Selection Marlborough Noble Riesling 2018 (375ml)

Producing Botrytis Selection Riesling is comparative to the transition of an "ugly duckling" of dried botrytis fruit into a "beautiful swan" of densely concentrated dessert wine....
6 Btls, $221.94 6 Btls, $192.99

Fonseca Quinta do Panascal Vintage Port 2008 (Portugal)

3 Stars
A sumptuous confection of molasses and dark chocolate...
1 Btl, $70.99 1 Btl, $61.73

Pegasus Bay Finale Waipara Valley Noble Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2019 (375ml)

5 Stars
The vineyard is located within the Waipara Valley of North Canterbury, on free draining, north facing terraces...
3 Btls, $122.97 3 Btls, $106.93

Grant Burge Aged Tawny Port NV (Australia)

This fine aged tawny is made from the Barossas traditional tawny varieties - mostly Grenache, with some Mataro and Shiraz...
Elsewhere $29.99 $26.08
6 Btls, $161.94 6 Btls, $140.82

Leveret Estate Late Harvest Hawke's Bay Viognier 2016 (375ml)

The grapes for this wine came from two of Leveret Estates Hawke’s Bay vineyards – Tantallon and Campbell Brook...
Elsewhere $19.99 $17.38
12 Btls, $215.88 12 Btls, $187.72

Man O' War Holy Stone Noble Waiheke Pinot Gris 2019 (375ml)

Holystone Pinot gris is gorgeously perfumed with apricot and citrus notes...
6 Btls, $167.94 6 Btls, $146.03

Lake Hayes Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2019 (375ml)

Lake Hayes wines reflect the land they’re grown on, with a style of winemaking that allows the fruit to express itself every vintage...
6 Btls, $137.94 6 Btls, $119.95

De La Terre Hawkes Bay Late Harvest Viognier 2018 (375ml)

Thanks to their artisanal, unique, quality wines, De La Terre is developing a reputation for being the 'hidden jewel' of Hawkes Bay...
6 Btls, $137.94 6 Btls, $119.95

Lombardo Cremovo Marsala Sicily NV Magnum 2L (Italy)

A blend of Cataratto, Inzolia and Grillo grapes grown in west Sicily...
6 Btls, $353.94 6 Btls, $307.77

Emperor Glacier Wine Nelson Syrah 2014 (375ml)

The 2014 Syrah Emperor Glacier Wine, aged in French Oak, is a testimony to traditional old world wine making skills...
12 Btls, $143.88 12 Btls, $125.11

Pegasus Bay Encore Waipara Valley Noble Riesling 2016 (375ml)

Made in the style of an Alsatian Selection des Grains Nobles or a German Trockenbeerenauslësen...
3 Btls, $113.97 3 Btls, $99.10

Château Garonnelles Sauternes 2019 375ml (France)

Made with the expertise of Bérénice Lurton of Château Climens...
6 Btls, $197.94 6 Btls, $172.12

Quinta De La Rosa Tawny Port (Portugal) (500ml)

Made from traditional port varieties, mainly Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Sousão, and Tinta Roriz...
Elsewhere $32.99 $28.69
6 Btls, $155.94 6 Btls, $135.60

Velenosi Visciole Querciantica NV (Italy) (500ml)

Sweet blend of Lacrima Superiore 70% and Sciroppo di Visciole 30%...
6 Btls, $191.94 6 Btls, $166.90

Dow's Fine Ruby Port 750ml

4 Stars
Deep and lively Ruby colour. The wine is full-bodied and has very appealing red fruit driven aromas
Elsewhere $40.99 $35.64
1 Btl, $33.99 1 Btl, $29.56

Cockburn's Fine Tawny Port NV (Portugal)

4 Stars
Following the Symington’s acquisition of Cockburn’s in 2010, the focus was returned to one thing: the quality of the wine...
6 Btls, $167.94 6 Btls, $146.03

Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port NV (Portugal)

Guided by Robert Cockburn’s conviction that “the quality of the wine - that is the first thing to be looked to”...
6 Btls, $167.94 6 Btls, $146.03

Sandeman LBV Port 2015 (Portugal)

Aged for around four years, this wine was bottled without filtration, in the accustomed manner for a single harvest wine...
Elsewhere $51.99 $45.21
6 Btls, $263.94 6 Btls, $229.51

Cockburn's Vintage Port 2017 (Portugal)

2017 will be remembered as one of the hottest and driest years in the Douro...
Elsewhere $185.00 $160.87
1 Btl, $153.99 1 Btl, $133.90

Sandeman 40 Year Old Port NV (Portugal)

Specially selected Portos are chosen for ageing in wooden casks, creating the rare and delicious Sandeman Porto Tawny 40 Years Old...
Elsewhere $363.99 $316.51
6 Btls, $1,865.94 6 Btls, $1,622.56

Sandeman 30 Year Old Port NV (Portugal)

Specially selected Portos are chosen for ageing in wooden casks...
Elsewhere $193.99 $168.69
6 Btls, $989.94 6 Btls, $860.82

Wooing Tree Central Otago Tickled Pink 2020 (375ml)

100% Pinot Noir grapes were late harvested on 17th June 2019 allowing them time to ripen fully and produce a considerable amount of sugar...
6 Btls, $239.94 6 Btls, $208.64


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