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Port & Dessert: 24 Results

Churchill's Port Trio Pack

4.5 Stars
The perfect gift, Churchill's white, ruby and tawny ports all in one pack

1 x Churchill's Reserve Port 200ml
1 x Churchill's Dry White Port 200ml
1 x Churchill's 10 Years Old Tawny Port 200ml

Erp $78.00 $67.83
1 Pack, $68.00 1 Pack, $59.13

Fonseca Unfiltered LBV 2012 (Portugal)

The wines used to produce Fonseca LBV were drawn from a reserve of some of the best full bodied red ports...
1 Btl, $36.99 1 Btl, $32.17

Gold Medal Single Vineyard Vintage Port Gift Collection Twin Pack (Portugal)

Port lovers, rejoice and indulge in this award-winning, single vineyard gift collection...

1 x Krohn Quinta do Retiro Novo 2009 (Portugal)
1 x Krohn Quinta do Retiro Novo 2011 (Portugal)

2 Btls, $145.98 2 Btls, $126.94

Toi Toi Waipara Late Harvest Dessert Wine 2018 (375ml)

This delectable wine has resulted in a classic sweet dessert wine with well balanced acidity...
6 Btls, $89.94 6 Btls, $78.21

Fonseca Guimaraens Vintage Port 2004 (Portugal)

Guimaraens vintage port is produced from the same three Fonseca quintas in the Cima Corgo which provide the backbone of Fonsecas vintage ports in declared years...
1 Btl, $89.99 1 Btl, $78.25

Spy Valley Marlborough Iced Sauvignon Blanc 2015 (375ml)

A sweet dessert style wine, the palate is decadent & hard to resist...
6 Btls, $131.94 6 Btls, $114.73

Saracco Moscato D'Asti DOCG 2017 (Italy) (375ml)

Saracco Moscato is as sweet and seductive as the hills where it is born and grows...
6 Btls, $143.94 6 Btls, $125.17

Taylor's Vintage Port 2016 (Portugal)

One of the world’s great iconic wines, made only in the very finest year...
Elsewhere $250.00 $217.39
1 Btl, $149.99 1 Btl, $130.43

Jules Taylor Late Harvest Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018 (375ml)

Decadently sweet with concentrated flavours of mandarin, ripe nectarine and honey with hints of cloves...
6 Btls, $158.94 6 Btls, $138.21

Fonseca Quinta do Panascal Vintage Port 2008 (Portugal)

3 Stars
A sumptuous confection of molasses and dark chocolate...
1 Btl, $74.99 1 Btl, $65.21

Mystery Marlborough Nobel Gewürztraminer 2014 (375ml)

5 Stars
This Mystery wine was sourced from a small parcel of selectively hand harvested botrytised Gewürztraminer grapes...
12 Btls, $119.88 12 Btls, $104.24
6 Btls, $173.94 6 Btls, $151.25

Fernando De Castilla Fino Sherry Classic Dry Palomino NV (Spain)

4 Stars
One of the most exceptional of the small, independent sherry houses, Fernando de Castilla was revitalised in 1999...
6 Btls, $161.94 6 Btls, $140.82

Fonseca Quinta do Panascal Vintage Port 2001 (Portugal)

3 Stars
Quinta do Panascal is a substantial Grade A property located in the heart of the Tavora valley, in the Cima Corgo region of the Douro...
1 Btl, $74.99 1 Btl, $65.21

Taylor's Quinta de Vargellas Vintage Port 2015 (Portugal)

Overlaid with nuances of dark chocolate, exotic wood and black pepper and a mantle of delicate floral scent...
Elsewhere $89.00 $77.39
1 Btl, $84.99 1 Btl, $73.90

De La Terre Hawkes Bay Late Harvest Viognier

Thanks to their artisanal, unique, quality wines, De La Terre is developing a reputation for being the 'hidden jewel' of Hawkes Bay...
Elsewhere $28.00 $24.35
6 Btls, $147.00 6 Btls, $127.83

Paul Jaboulet Aîné 'Le Chant des Griolles' Muscat de Beaumes de Venise 2014 (France) (375ml)

Vintage after vintage, ever since 1834 the Jaboulet family has demonstrated peerless expertise in producing Maison Paul Jaboulet Aine wines...
6 Btls, $185.94 6 Btls, $161.69

Campbells Rutherglen Topaque NV 375ml x 6 (Australia)

The grapes are left until late in the season to achieve optimum ripeness, ensuring maximum fruit flavor and a high degree of natural sweetness.
Elsewhere $30.99 $26.95
6 Btls, $161.94 6 Btls, $140.82
Elsewhere $29.99 $26.08
6 Btls, $143.94 6 Btls, $125.17

Fonseca Vintage Port 2016 (Portugal)

A fusion of black cherry, cassis and blackberry jam aromas...
1 Btl, $159.99 1 Btl, $139.12

Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen Muscat NV (Australia) (375ml)

Fresh intense varietal aromas with rich and flavoursome layers of fruit flavours on the palate...
6 Btls, $179.94 6 Btls, $156.47

Wooing Tree Central Otago Tickled Pink 2019 (375ml)

100% Pinot Noir grapes were late harvested on 17th June 2019 allowing them time to ripen fully and produce a considerable amount of sugar...
6 Btls, $239.94 6 Btls, $208.64

Ferreira Porto Ruby (Portugal)

The simplest of the Ferreira range of Ports, but still a bright fresh red flavoured wine with a smooth texture. Good raisins and very soft tannins.
6 Btls, $251.94 6 Btls, $219.08

Ferreira Tawny Porto (Portugal)

Established in 1751, Ferreira was the first producer of Port, and still one of the most prestigious vineyards in the Douro region...
6 Btls, $257.94 6 Btls, $224.30


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