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Social Responsibility Policy

The team at Black Market welcomes you. Operating in New Zealand since 2000, we take our responsibilities around selling alcohol very seriously and invite you to read and support the policy outlined below.

Under no circumstances will alcohol be sold to minors. We take all necessary steps - and some additional ones - to enforce this policy.

Our appointed Duty Manager conducts regular training for our staff, covering the regulations under the Act and the conditions of our licence.

Our staff also receive refresher training as necessary. We maintain records on the premises of all training delivered.

In the case of internet sales, we follow the process below:

  1. You must confirm you are 18 or older by clicking on the tick box upon entering.
  2. At checkout, you must submit your date of birth and confirm by way of the tick box that you are 18 years of age or older and not making this purchase to supply a minor.
  3. Additionally, if you are a new member making a first-time purchase of wine or another alcohol product, you must provide Black Market with an approved evidence of age document (e.g., a current driver's license issued under the Land Transport Act 1998 or a Hospitality NZ 18+ card) within five working days of submitting your order.

All deliveries will be labelled with an alcohol advisory warning label.

Couriers delivering goods containing alcohol will not deliver to anyone who is intoxicated or unable to provide evidence of age if requested.

Alcohol will not be delivered after 11 pm or before 6 am.

We do not run promotions anywhere, except on our website, that:

  • Lead people to believe (or are likely to lead people to believe) that alcohol will be sold at a discount of 25 percent or more, or
  • Offer any goods or services, or the opportunity to win a prize, on the condition that alcohol is purchased.

We do not run promotions that encourage the rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol.

We care deeply about our community and take our social responsibility with utmost seriousness, with public safety being paramount to our objectives. We appreciate your help in continuing to make this a safe and respectful environment for everyone to enjoy and welcome any feedback you may have.


The Black Market Team


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