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Set out below is an explanation of the various pricing terms used the Black Market website. As the customer, understanding how the various prices quoted on the site are established, what they mean and how they are used is important. Knowing how the prices work will enable you to better determine whether you wish to purchase the product at the Black Market price.

Supplier driven

All prices on the site are set by supplier of the advertised product. We encourage our suppliers to regulary review the Black Market Price and/or elsewhere price of each product listed on the site for accuracy and consistency.

Black Market pricing

The Black Market Price shown on the site is the price at which the supplier is able to sell the wine or product to you by taking advantage of the Black Market business model.

Blackmarket Pricing


ERP means estimated retail price. The ERP shown on the site is the supplier's best estimate of the product's estimated retail price if it was sold through traditional retail outlets.

Pricing ERP

Many of the products advertised on the Black Market website are offered exclusively through this site and do not sell through traditional retail outlets. Some products offered through this site may also be available through traditional retail outlets but under a different label to that under which it is available through Black Market. As the product offered for sale through the site in these cases will not otherwise be available for sale in exactly the same form to consumers in New Zealand suppliers in such cases will list an ERP.

An ERP will usually include estimates of freight and storage costs incurred by distributors and retailers as well as estimates of the mark-ups added by those distributors and retailers. An ERP may also include a premium which a product's “normal” label may command. The Black Market business model connects consumers directly with suppliers and so those distributor and retailer costs, mark-ups and premiums are often removed from the price payable by a purchaser through Black Market.

While we endeavour to provide an ERP for as many of the products listed on the site as possible, there may be times or circumstances where use of an ERP is or may not be appropriate or where the supplier of the product is unable to provide an ERP. In such circumstances we reserve the right to not provide an ERP for such products.


Elsewhere means a price at which wines and products advertised on the Black Market website are also available for sale somewhere else in New Zealand (i.e. the same product is also available from other sources and not only through Black Market). In these cases, the elsewhere price will be a price at which that same wine or product is available for sale at retail or through another supplier.

Pricing Elsewhere

Although we endeavour to ensure every BM Price, ERP, elsewhere price and all product information is accurate, we accept no liability or responsibility if any BM Price, ERP, elsewhere price or product information as provided by a supplier and which is quoted on this site is inaccurate or does not comply with any legal or regulatory requirements. All suppliers are asked to confirm to Black Market that the information is accurate when supplied to Black Market and as set out above we encourage our suppliers to regularly review all prices and information.

Suppliers may direct us to change a BM Price, ERP, elsewhere price or any product information listed on the site at any time. We take no responsibility for such changes which are at the sole discretion of the supplier. We will endeavour to correct any errors or misprints on the site as quickly as we can once becoming aware of any such errors or misprints.

Where a BM Price, ERP, or Elsewhere price per bottle is given for a mixed case the stated price per bottle is the average price per bottle taken across the mixed case. The average will however be established by taking the appropriate BM Price, ERP, and/or Elsewhere price for each different product which will have been established in each case in accordance with these terms.


A Promotion is the offer of a wine or product at a special price for a limited period. The Promotion Price shown on the website for the particular wine or product shall apply for a limited duration only. The length remaining of the limited duration will be shown on the Black Market website either by stating the time and date upon which the Promotion will end and/or by a 'countdown clock' where the Promotion Price will expire at the point in time when the 'countdown clock' reaches 0.00 (provided however that Black Market and its suppliers reserve the right to terminate any promotion at any time without notice). If no promotional end time is displayed the promotion will run for a 7 day period. Upon expiry or earlier termination of the Promotion, the price of the wine or product will revert to the BM price as shown on the Black Market website.

Pricing Promotion


All prices (including BM Prices, ERPs, elsewhere and promoted prices) quoted on this site include GST but do not include freight (see freight).

All amounts payable are calculated in New Zealand dollars.


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