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Classic Gin with a lemon zing!

Zesty citrus with a background of juniper leading to a long, complex finish - deliciously refreshing

Delicious with Mediterranean tonic & a lemon wheel

Malfy Limone Gin (700ml)

Member rating / 7
1 Btl, $66.99 1 Btl, $58.25
Malfy Limone Gin (700ml)

Malfy Limone Gin (700ml)

Member rating / 7
A delightfully zesty gin, Malfy Con Limone is distilled in Italy with some of the finest botanicals including handpicked juniper, Italian sun-ripened lemons and Amalfi lemon peel...
1 Btl, $66.99 1 Btl, $58.25


Crystal clear. Zesty citrus with a background of juniper. Lemon zing, long complex finish - deliciously refreshing. 

MALFY Gins are made by Master Distillers, Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni at the Torino Distillati distillery. Located in Moncalieri, in the Piedmont region of North West Italy.

Malfy Gin is made using vacuum distillation also called cold-distillation. This is a relatively new technique in the world of gin production, enabling a lower temperature to achieve evaporation and therefore not altering the composition of botanicals (avoiding heat-related degradation), this way we can keep our botanicals fresh and flavourful.

Carefully selected ingredients are separated into collections and distilled separately to accentuate their flavours. Our citrus botanicals are steeped in alcohol and then squeezed in a traditional basket press, this extract in turn is then distilled with handpicked Italian juniper. The individual distillates are then artfully blended together and cut with Italian water to create our fruit forward style gins.

Delicious with Mediterranean tonic & a lemon wheel.












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I sent this to a friend and she is enjoying it thank you.

Deb - 08/06/2022

always a favourite and glad to have it again as so refreshing at this time of year!

Gillian - 27/01/2022

Enjoying but similar price most places

Fiona - 12/10/2021


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