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Elegantly concentrated & balanced

Well balanced palate of elegant fruity flavours

Match with a delightful sushi selection such as soft shell crab temaki, Ahi sashimi, Sake & Ebi nigiri

Debussy Reverie Rosé 2017 (France)

Debussy Reverie Rosé 2017 (France)

Debussy Reverie Rosé 2017 (France)

The IGP Pays d’Oc region benefits from the Mediterranean climate...


Salmon pink in the glass this Rosé offer elegant red fruit aromas of raspberry. Well balanced on the palate with a concentrated impression and a fruity finish.

The grapes are harvested at night when the temperatures are low to prevent oxidation. Following to the « saignée » process, the juices stay in contact with the skins during a short time before being drained off, so they absorb all the aromas from the skin and gain its beautiful colour. The fermentation is carried out at low temperature to retain the subtle fruit flavours. The wine stays on its fine lees at least two months and is stirred periodically providing a smooth texture.

IGP Pays d’Oc - South of France. This region benefits from the Mediterranean climate. With its coastline bordering the region in the South, it provides hot and dry summers for a perfect maturity. On the other side, the Black Mountain brings enough humidity and cool temperatures for the vineyards to produce grapes packed with fruity aromas. The terroir effect is very noticeable in this region due to the great variety of winegrowing areas that create an expression of the grape varieties  that is unique.

The Reverie wines come from a land full of history.  They are produced in the Southern French  Languedoc-Roussillon, over four departments along  the Mediterranean coast. Here, the northern mountains of the Pyrenees and the Cevennes embrace the vineyards of the Pays d’Oc like an amphitheatre. Thanks to a heritage of over 2,600 years of winemaking traditions and a patchwork of climates, reliefs and soils, this region is home to a diversity of extraordinary wines.



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