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Hallertau Statesman Pale Ale 330ml

Yowza! This character’s outspoken. Bursting with opinions...
24 Btls, $110.40 24 Btls, $96.00

Coopers Sparkling Ale 750ml

5 Stars
The ale by which all others should be measured
Erp $6.49 $5.64
12 Btls, $63.00 12 Btls, $54.78

Stone’s Ginger Joe

1 Stars
Stone’s Ginger Joe truly captures the essence of Stone’s Original in flavour with the added fizz enhancing the mouth-feel!
12 Btls, $83.88 12 Btls, $72.94

Hallertau Luxe Kolsch Beer 330ml

Some say she’s the luxe life: Exuberant. Snappy. Bright. Chatty. Sunlit. Lush.
24 Btls, $110.40 24 Btls, $96.00

Hallertau Copper Tart Red Ale 330ml

This would surely be a miner’s delight: Substantial. Satisfying. Deserved....
24 Btls, $110.40 24 Btls, $96.00

Hallertau Deception Schwarzbier 330ml

This number is not what he seems. A bit of a trickster really. Smooth. Firm. Dark. Light. Bitter. Sweet. Coffee. Intricate. Chocolate. Subterfuge. You’ve been warned.
24 Btls, $110.40 24 Btls, $96.00

Hallertau Six Mix (4 x 6 packs)

All the Hallertau numbers in one. Roll the dice – try ya chances!

1 x Hallertau Luxe Kolsch Beer
1 x Hallertau Statesman Pale Ale
1 x Hallertau Copper Tart Red Ale 330ml
1 x Hallertau Deception Schwarzbier
1 x Hallertau Pilsner
1x Hallertau Session Ale

24 Btls, $99.96 24 Btls, $86.92

Hallertau Pilsner 330ml

When excellent and unlikely things collide, something exciting happens: Double the hops, half the tipsy.
24 Btls, $110.40 24 Btls, $96.00

Hallertau Session Ale 330ml

After much experimentation, jamming, testing and tweaking, Hallertau has added the Session IPA to the iconic numbers range.
24 Btls, $110.40 24 Btls, $96.00


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