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Full-bodied 100% Colombian 'Supremo' beans

Perfectly suited to filter & plunger coffee with smooth caramel notes

Black Market 100% Colombian Coffee 1KG

Member rating / 50+

Black Market 100% Colombian Coffee 1KG

Member rating / 50+
Ideally suited to filter and plunger coffee...


100% Colombian ‘Supremo’ beans roasted to a medium colour. Lovely full-bodied flavour with smooth caramel notes. 














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4 Stars

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I regularly buy Kenya beans and occasionally Milan, Lance's choice etc. but have never purchased Colombian the description gives the impression its not so good for espresso. Took a punt and we love it. Fantastic for our flat whites.

Robyn - 22/09/2021

Great product and service as always!

Margi - 03/04/2020

A customer for 7 years. Convenience (we slightly off the main grid here in Matarangi) of ordering, in my box often the next day or so.

Ros - 22/06/2017

Love the coffee. Haven't tried the others yet

Michael - 23/04/2010

good flavour

Roger - 11/10/2009

Always fresh, fragrant and delicious.

Max - 10/12/2020

Coffee is distinctly individual, however this bean offers up a rich and full bodied experience. The grind should be medium to coarse and please with a decent grinder that doesn't burn the beans. I use a Syphon/Vacuum Pot Coffee Maker to achieve an excellent brew.

Terry - 03/03/2018

Having paid $60 - $70 retail previously, this is very good value and quality.

Michael - 05/05/2007

best coffee I can find

Philip - 20/08/2006

A lighter flavour than Milano. The crema not as strong & colourful as Milano, but still a great flavour.

Dean - 05/01/2011


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