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The ultimate collection of Spanish reds boasting an impressive 12 gold medals!

When it comes to excitement & flavour, Spanish reds are renowned for constantly over-delivering

Share these impressive reds alongside your favourite barbecued red meats & Spanish tapas

The Ultimate Gold Medal Spanish Collection (Spain)

Member rating / 100+
12 Btls, $167.88 12 Btls, $145.98

The Ultimate Gold Medal Spanish Collection (Spain)

Member rating / 100+
Renowned for constantly over-delivering and this collection smashes it out of the park!
12 Btls, $167.88 12 Btls, $145.98


Transport yourself to the capital of flamenco and sunshine with this “you bet it’s gunna be good” offer.

When it comes to excitement and flavour, Spanish reds are renowned for constantly over-delivering and this mix smashes it out of the park! Including 4 under $14 reds all awarded gold medals from a prestigious competition in Europe, we don't think you can wrong! All sealed under screwcap for your convenience.

This GOLD Medal collection includes:

3 x Ignacio Marín Montefeliz Garnacha 2017 (Spain)

AWARDED GOLD MEDAL: Berlin Wine Trophy

AWARDED GOLD MEDAL: Grenache du Monde


AWARDED GOLD MEDAL: Gilbert & Gaillard

AWARDED 90/100 POINTS & 4.5 STARS: Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

"This brilliantly priced red is varietally expressive and immediately appealing with perfumed aromas of sweet raspberry, plum, olive and floral on the nose, followed by a juicy palate that is supple and smooth. The wine offers bright fruit intensity and a lingering silky finish, making it delightfully drinkable. At its best: now to 2021" Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

3 x Ignacio Marín Montefeliz Tempranillo 2017 (Spain)

AWARDED GOLD MEDAL: Gilbert & Gaillard

AWARDED 90/100 POINTS & 4.5 STARS: Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

If you're fond of silky reds with lots of easy berry character, then Montfeliz Tempranillo is a 'must have'. Like a young Rioja in style. Pure Tempranillo, the prized grape of Rioja, it is brimful with juicy plums, redcurrant and black cherries, made by the super talented Rivero family. Enjoy alongside tapas, garlic mushrooms, roasted vegetables with feta, or chicken. It's great as a glass on its own, too.
Seal: Screw Cap (different to image shown)

3 x Gran Aco Garnacha 2017 (Spain)

AWARDED GOLD MEDAL: Berlin Wine Trophy

AWARDED GOLD MEDAL: Grenache du Monde


Presenting a thrilling new Garnacha from the impressive Ignacio Marín family, who’ve been crafting sumptuous wines here for nearly over a century. Made from old vine Garnacha, in the modern fruit-first style, it’s ripe, juicy with just a hint of oak.

3 x Viña Angela Garnacha 2017 (Spain)

AWARDED GOLD MEDAL: Berlin Wine Trophy

AWARDED GOLD MEDAL: Grenache du Monde


AWARDED GOLD MEDAL: Gilbert & Gaillard

Bright ruby color appearance and violet hues, the nose has a high average density and significant fruity aromas. The palate is persistent and also fruity, young and expressive.

The wines of Viña Angela are a new find! These wines are exclusive to Black Market and offer wonderful value for money. They get their name from the founder, who baptized the vineyards with the name of his wife (Angela) in 1903. The Angela vineyard is 580 meters above sea level, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly while remaining fresh and pure. Satisfyingly weighty, yet juicy and fresh, this is a moreish smooth as silk Garnacha red.


Screw Cap





NZ $8.00

Member Rating

4.5 Stars

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User comments (59)

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Very happy have sampled two and excellent

Russell - 15/04/2022

a delighful collection. Wonderful to have the opportunity of such special Spanish vino.

Trish - 11/04/2022

Great selection and quality

Tmothy - 21/03/2022


Brett - 09/03/2022

Thoroughly enjoyed the selection will be back for more. Good value for money

Rod - 07/01/2022

Outstanding value

Charlie - 15/10/2021

Highly recommend memories of Spain

David - 07/10/2021

So happy ??

Andrew - 29/09/2021

The Garnacha in is absolutely delicious!

Christopher - 02/09/2021

Easy drinking wine, goes well with everything.

Deborah - 03/08/2021

As always Spanish wines are very pleasing to drink.

Richard - 04/03/2021

delish, way too easy to drink

Richie - 02/03/2021

Excellent reds at a reasonable price. Most enjoyable.

Carolyn - 13/02/2021

Very easy drinking for a wine that has no tannin's ( I cant detect any ) , mellow to medium flavour/taste, intend to buy further if/when you have stocks on hand.Thanks

Bruce - 01/02/2021

good value for money

Albert - 01/02/2021

Great range of Spanish reds

Andrea - 26/01/2021

Tried 3 so far. All lovely wines.

Lynette - 22/01/2021

Great value for money and nice drinking wine

Anna - 02/01/2021

Ridiculously good- and what a price! ????

Chris - 18/09/2020

We have really enjoyed this wine, it does not disappoint.

John - 30/08/2020

Excellent mix

Lee - 22/08/2020

Only tried one so far but it was a gem and went down well at a dinner party.

Robyn - 19/08/2020

Great wine for my palet.

Jim - 11/08/2020

i like it. More going on than a table red

nigel - 14/04/2022

Rather pleasant choice ... a bit less full bodied than I expected, but flavoursome and very enjoyable

Klara - 13/04/2022

Great selection of Spanish reds. Would buy again

Wayne - 04/04/2022

Nice to drink something differenct for a change. Excellent value for money.

Denise - 21/03/2022

All of the wines in this package are excellent, full bodied and very quafable which is a bit of a shame because the bottle empties rather quickly.

Allan - 01/10/2021

Great value, great selection

Hannah - 24/09/2021

Have tried all four wines, absolutely no complaints. Recommended.

Ron - 06/09/2021

A nice slightly dryer red - very palatable.

Karen - 03/09/2021

Would love to comment,but as it was sold out,I can only guess. No scoring from me this time.

Dirk - 06/03/2021

So far very drinkable without being exceptional, but for the price good value

Mike - 28/02/2021

There were different wines in the mix this time but a similar style and all good value.

Beverley - 28/02/2021

Excellent value for money.

Jan - 12/02/2021

Nice wines at a good price.

Mike - 08/02/2021

As a fan of Spanish wine.I enjoyed these wines.

Wal - 22/01/2021

Good value for money.

Peter - 19/01/2021

Have found all tasted so far, full flavoured and very satisfying to drink.

Alison - 14/01/2021

Well worth the money!

Colin - 08/01/2021

Very pleased with the selection. Have tried two so far, and they are very enjoyable smooth reds

Mal - 29/12/2020

Haven't tasted them all yet but fine so far.

Richard - 24/12/2020

Typically robust Spanish reds

Richard - 09/09/2020

Luscious and rounded

Susan - 02/09/2020

Smooth, easy drinking

Roger - 31/08/2020

Very prompt delivery. Vrry pleased eith these eines

Graeme - 27/08/2020

Good value for money weekday quaffers.

Carey - 23/08/2020

The case of Spanish wine arrived in good time, I have tasted some of these bottles from previous purchases and found them to have good flavours, they are also good value at a modest price. Thank you.

Bruce - 13/08/2020

very please with this selection

John - 07/08/2020

Great value selection

Greg - 06/08/2020

Excellent value for money. Easy drinking

Christine - 28/07/2020

Not up to the standard of the Portugese collection

David - 01/09/2021

Great value for money Easy drinking wine

Jane - 01/02/2021

No rockstars here, but well produced, easy drinking reds that will go with almost anything. The Grenaches are good for spicier food.

Alasdair - 20/01/2021

I like to be surprised by unfamiliar wines, but so far after three bottles this collection is far from surprising. They were too thin with little character. I cannot believe that these wines belong to the advertised ultimate gold medal collection.

Peter - 02/01/2021

For everyday drinking: fair value but no bargain

Margaret - 15/08/2020

At the price a safe everyday group of reds

Ian - 09/08/2020

The ones iv tested for so far are ok. Just trying something different to NZ merlot.

Philip - 22/07/2020

Good value and tasty, but I expected better. Ideal quaffers

Russell - 20/07/2020


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