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Pocket yourself a de-can-ter of Pinot Noir

"Smooth texture, soft tannins, finishing long & fruity" Wine Orbit

Chilling down faster, reducing oxidization as well being super portable with less packaging, going can is a no brainer!

Misty Cove's 'the Embezzler' Pinot Noir 2017 (250ml)

Member rating / 41
Elsewhere $6.49 $5.64
24 Cans, $83.76 24 Cans, $72.83
Awarded 4 Stars Awarded 86/100 Points Freight Included
Misty Cove's 'the Embezzler' Pinot Noir 2017 (250ml)

Misty Cove's 'the Embezzler' Pinot Noir 2017 (250ml)

Member rating / 41
Marlborough is widely considered by wine critics as one of the best places to produce Pinot Noir and The Embezzler is no exception...
Elsewhere $6.49 $5.64
24 Cans, $83.76 24 Cans, $72.83


Awarded 86/100 Points & 4 Stars

Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, Mar 2018


"It is beautifully ripe and fragrant on the nose showing dark cherry, mixed spice, game, thyme and toasted nut characters. The palate is juicy and rounded with smooth texture and soft tannins, finishing long and fruity. It is friendly and very easy on the palate" Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, Mar 2018

Canned wine offers the drinker a delicious beverage with no light strike, reduced oxidization, portability, and easily recyclable packaging, and Misty Cove are proudly the first wine producer in New Zealand to release wine in a can. Grapes for these cans are sourced from premium vineyards throughout New Zealand.

Pocket yourself a de-can-ter of Pinot Noir with a rich bouquet of pure confidence. Not to be mistaken, this is for the true embezzler in each of us. Probably the best Pinot Noir in a can, ever!

Marlborough is widely considered by wine critics as one of the best places to produce Pinot Noir, and The Embezzler is no exception.





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4.5 Stars

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User comments (30)

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great travelling companion ! And, Misty Cove quality

Ron - 30/04/2022

Great wine and great value for money. Have bought before and really like

Gail - 10/03/2022

Loved the versatility of the can and was surprised at the quality

Les - 15/01/2022

Easy to drink and no waste.

Carol - 07/12/2021

An enjoyable drink, I like that I can enjoy a drink without opening a bottle.

Erin - 31/07/2021

A very palatable pinot in a superb package. So glad you stock it and I found it.

Colin - 15/07/2021

Nice Pinot and very handy in the 250mm cans.

Brian - 04/06/2021

Was pleasantly surprised Great and convenient Would buy again

Donna - 14/05/2021

This is a great wine in an excellent size package. Wish there were more small volume red wine choices on the market like this. Thanks for stocking

Heather - 09/02/2021

Just wanted ti try a Wine in a Can , very good thanks handy to take out for drinks

John - 02/01/2021

Awesome value Awesomely convenient Very tasty for price

Stuart - 29/09/2020

Never thought I'd enjoy "wine in a can" as much. Great taste! Misty Cove doesn't disappoint ever!

Elda - 07/09/2020

I was way more impressed than I expected to be - so after a few days of enjoying a can (250ml - a perfect large glass) a night I have bought 12 cases!! Very nice, very convenient, extremely good value.

Stuart - 19/02/2020

Really, really yummy and very portable

Kathleen - 22/12/2019

Amazing and nice size, great product

David - 25/11/2019

Just slides down...

Paul - 13/04/2019

Lots of fruit and layers of flavour. Great value and good not to have to open a bottle if you just want a glass and a half.

Julia - 15/05/2022

Interesting wine, convenient size, would re-order

John - 02/04/2022

Good value and the 250 ml can is a good size.

Alan - 07/03/2022

Most convenient and easy drinking, this is my 4th order.

Dave - 05/03/2022

For a wine in a can this is excellent value and wine is not too bad at all. Great if you do not want to open a whole bottle

Chris - 10/11/2021

First time ive tried wine in a can. Idea for a single glass. Or when off to a byo.

henry - 19/06/2021

These are working for me - despite my default caution about cans

Ian - 22/04/2021

Bought it to take camping - great wine and convenient package.

Raewyn - 24/03/2021

Convenient to carry in man bag and a fair drop

Stan - 12/02/2021

Very light, smooth pinot noir. Ideal measure bring 250 ml and in easy to carry and recycle can. Very pleasant and recommend trying it.

Susan - 12/05/2020

Very pleasant Pinot in an interesting pack - may grow to like a can ?

Hamish - 06/12/2018

I hadn't tried canned wine before and was pleasantly surprised. This is a nice drop and very convenient at two glasses per can.

David - 16/04/2021

Reasonable Pinot Noir in a nice size can. Great when you don't want to open a(another) bottle.

Mike - 12/10/2020

good for taking on holiday

Peter - 09/03/2020


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