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An elegant nose flaunting floral notes, summer berries & citrus

'Sacha Lichine Selection' range is an affordable, approachable & innovative offering from the South of France

Pair the fruity flavours in this wine with a truly fresh palate cleansing balsamic, watermelon, feta salad this summer season

Sacha Lichine Single Blend Rosé 2017 (France)

Erp $22.99 $19.99
Sacha Lichine Single Blend Rosé 2017 (France)

Sacha Lichine Single Blend Rosé 2017 (France)

New and noteworthy - Sacha Lichine Selection wines are Vin de France and crafted for today’s contemporary wine consumer
Erp $22.99 $19.99


This Grenache & Cinsault single-blend has a remarkable bright blush colour. An elegant nose flaunting floral notes, summer berries and citrus. It is full, juicy and has a fresh finish. Crisp, fruity and refreshing, this is the perfect everyday, quality Rosé. Lots of fruits, soft tannins. Fresh, bold, alive and smooth.

Sacha Licine recognised the need for diverse and innovative wines as a growing global trend in the 1990s. The Sacha Lichine Selection range is the product of this offering affordable, approachable and innovative wines from the South of France. These wines branch our from Sacha's trademark rose style developed under his Whispering Angels brand. Not only does the team behind this wine range include Sacha but also Patrick Leon as consulting Oenecologist. This brand is making waves in the market with their bright and attractive wines.

A great selection of grapes that grow from vines in the South of France made with a traditional wine making approach and offering a bold and luscious new world style.



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