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"France's hidden treasure - handcrafted wines at bargain prices" Financial Times

"Wine lovers would be fools to ignore what these smaller domaines of the South of France have to offer!" Financial Times

This Black Market exclusive offers beautiful food wines, experiment this winter with your favourite Mediterranean inspired fare

Southern French Treasure Trove (France)

Member rating / 100+
Erp $16.87 $14.67

Southern French Treasure Trove (France)

Member rating / 100+
This is France's hidden treasure - handcrafted wines at bargain prices
Erp $16.87 $14.67


Black Market welcomes to you France's most exciting wine region in this Black Market exclusive mixed colection...

East of Bordeaux and west of the Rhône, the locals call it the Midi. "Wine lovers", says the Financial Times, "would be fools to ignore what the smaller domaines of the South of France have to offer. This is France's hidden treasure - handcrafted wines at bargain prices". All sealed under screw-cap to ensure freshness!

Collection includes:

3 x Le Village du Sud Syrah 2018 (France)

AWARDED 90/100 POINTS & 4.5 STARS: Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, Feb 2021

"This is splendidly ripe and attractively expressed, showing dark berry, vanilla, roasted nut and dark mushroom notes with a hint of pepper spice. The palate offers ripe fruit flavours and fleshy texture, well supported by silky tannins" Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, Feb 2021

3 x Les Deux Pins Merlot 2019 (France)

AWARDED 90/100 POINTS & 4.5 STARS: Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, Feb 2021

"Modern, fruit forward and immediately appealing, the wine shows dark plum, mulberry, clove and roasted nut aromas on the nose, followed by a supple palate that's succulent and supple. Well balanced and comforting with plenty of tasty flavours" Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, Feb 2021

A youthful, plump Merlot that is fruit-expressive. This likable merlot from southern France shows dark plum, blueberry, floral and mixed spice aromas on the nose. Succulent and rounded on the palate offering the drinker a silky texture and vibrant fruit flavours with a delectably long, smooth finished. Simply perfect for everyday drinking.

Seal: Screw cap - Alc: 13%

3 x Belles Vignes Collection GSM 2019 (France)

A classic Southrn French blend of Grenache, Syrah and the little known Marselan. Generously flavoured and sturdy, this is filled with dark fruit, game and spice characters, beautifully enhanced by fruit richness and smooth mouthfeel. The wine is well structured by pleasingly dry tannins, making it a wonderful partner to winter slow-cooked dishes and other flavoursome meat dishes.

Seal: Screw cap - Alc: 12%

3 x Les Vignerons Carignan Syrah 2019 (France)

This is ripe, fragrant and richly flavoured, showing dark plum, blueberry, almond and subtle spice notes on the nose. The palate is juicy and generous with excellent fruit purity as well as subtle savoury complexity, beautifully supported by fleshy mouthfeel and fine tannins. This is highly enjoyable, especially at this awesome price

Seal: Screw cap - Alc: 12.5%

Vintages may change.


Screw Cap





NZ $8.00

Member Rating

4.5 Stars

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User comments (245)

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Excellent, tastes just as I imaged.

Jack - 11/04/2022

This is a fantastic mix of French wines. Have re-ordered many times and have never been disappointed.

Samantha - 21/03/2022

good value

Barbara - 06/02/2022

Great to have a selection to enjoy with friends.

Margaret - 15/01/2022

Enjoyed the selection and in fact ordered again! Got to experience ones we wouldnt normally choose individually.

Gillian - 06/09/2021

2 bottles down and already wanting to order more.

Will - 04/09/2021

One of my favourites - transports any home dinner to a little cafe in the square at Carcassonne.

David - 27/08/2021

Excellent value for money.

Helen - 07/08/2021

Superb wine for the price.

Brian - 12/12/2020

Great value for money and a wonderful way to taste some different wines.

Jade - 08/12/2020

Very nice

Peter - 24/11/2020

Excellent value.

Keith - 05/10/2020

fabulous drinking - we will be buying more

Amanda - 30/09/2020

Nice selection and thanks for your approach re the whites ...... I will try eventually but love your approach to red wine !!!

Greg - 29/05/2020

Really impressed with the quality of the French reds.

Carolyn - 04/02/2020

This is as close as you can get to find wine whilst paying plonk prices. I'm on my second case.

Colin - 01/02/2020

Great value for $

Jonas - 18/01/2020

good value mix

Tim - 16/12/2019

My second purchase of this selection. Loved it - It's a great change from Australian/NZ reds

Lew - 02/07/2019

All wines have been very enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Nadia - 13/01/2019

Very easy to drink selection. Great BBQ wine. Thanks

Godfrey - 20/10/2018

All 4 wines in collection are outstanding. All 4 wines in collection are super. Great value for money. Many thanks

Mel - 23/08/2018

You simply cannot go past this deal - great reds that hold up at any dinner party!!!

jenine - 14/08/2018

Great selection, great value! Ordering my second box now!

Leah - 13/08/2018

Fantastic value for money! I will definitely order more.

Gaynor - 12/08/2018

Nice variety of tasty reds. Reminds us of our trip to France last year. Sigh.

Cherye - 02/08/2018

Excellent value and very good wine.

Colin - 27/07/2018

These were delicious and fantastic pricing

Missy Jayne - 22/07/2018

Good value. Nice selection of full bodied reds.

Dan - 15/07/2018

interesting selection, thank you

Errol - 22/06/2018

Drank the same wine in Europe and it tastes the same here!!

Paul - 15/06/2018

Very smooth wine

Ann - 07/06/2018

Great selection and what a price !!!

John & Jo - 01/06/2018

Awesome selection - great to have an instant selection to choose from. Very nice flavours to go with our roast lamb - we haven't had a dud yet.

Phillip - 20/05/2018

Great value for money and good selection

keith - 13/04/2018

Love them all, second time purchased this deal.

Coral - 22/03/2018

These wines are outstanding and at such a reasonable price. I order a case every time it becomes available.

Claire - 20/03/2018

A beautiful mix of varietals, all of them are silky smooth.

Deon - 19/03/2018

great wines - hard to beat bang for buck!

Hamish - 19/03/2018

i was more then happy with these 4 reds they were for x mass but im drinking them now

Keith - 24/11/2017

Very good value!

James - 27/10/2017

Superb value for money, great everyday drinking from one of the best wine regions in the world

Michelle - 02/10/2017

Great variety. Very enjoyable.

Vivien - 06/08/2017

A very pleasant drink.. enjoying both have put some away

Adele - 01/07/2017

Outstanding , a little lighter than is usual from local and Aussie versions. Nicely balanced not a bad one amongst them.

RICHARD - 30/06/2017

Great taste of France at a great price - The GSM in particular is brilliant

Graham - 26/06/2017

We always enjoy the wines we buy through Blackmarket especially the French Red wines.

Sally Ann - 24/06/2017

Every wine we've had from black market has been superb and this collection is no different.

Brent - 23/05/2017

Loved all of these wines. Will be buying more

Hannah - 11/05/2017

A good selection

Ian - 09/04/2017

Excellent value reds. Great for every day drinking

Linda - 31/03/2017

Great value - the only way to buy wine.

Alan - 26/02/2017

Smooth great tasting reds

Steve - 05/02/2017

Very enjoyable selection. Racked & ready.

Kay - 01/02/2017

Brilliant range of 4 wines. Exceptional value for money. Have purchased 5 times!

Rowly - 30/01/2017

nice sample of French wines, value well above the asking price

Anton - 30/01/2017

Great selection - great wines, great price

Les - 29/01/2017

So far wines have proven to be good drinking

Edward - 20/01/2017

Great value for money. Smooth and a pleasure to drink!

Jan - 17/01/2017

Really good value for money

Vladimir - 16/01/2017

Very Nice Barbecue wine

Bruce - 27/12/2016

Great value for a high quality wines

Liza - 12/12/2016

Very happy

David - 09/12/2016

great selection!

Keith - 30/11/2016

Absolutely superb Merlot - smooth and muscious! Our friends want more!

Michael - 28/11/2016

Excellent value wines, I am enjoying them very much.

Brenton - 25/11/2016

Stunning selection

Pete - 16/11/2016

We are very pleased with the wine, so much so that we ordered a second case.

Elizabeth - 13/11/2016

All good well balanced French reds.

Mick - 10/11/2016

Great value for money

Duncan - 19/10/2016

Stunning reds, great body. Superbly priced.

Sylvia - 15/10/2016

Am really pleased with my selection. It is nice to vary the country of origin every now and then and in this case get back to some grass roots French wine. Well worth it. Thanks guys for including this selection in your range.

Craig - 14/10/2016

very enjoyable selection.

Sue - 10/09/2016

Wonderful combination for French wine, great value for money. I am surprised to taste the quality of each wine with very reasonable price! First time use the company and I am happy for the services!

LYC - 08/09/2016

have only had one taste from this selection, looking good so far, first time buyer from this company, nice and easy quick and efficient.

Grace - 06/09/2016

Haven't tried it yet but for French wine it's outstanding value for money

Raewyn - 26/08/2016

Very nice drops for a great price

Sue - 23/08/2016

very pleasant

Peter - 23/08/2016

Excellent selection of 4 different varieties of pleasant French wine. Very good value for under $10 per bottle.

Robert - 23/08/2016

Just ordered another case. Beautiful wine at a good price. Highly recommended.

Kevin - 19/08/2016

Great value, really enjoying this mix

Pru - 15/08/2016

Bloody good!

Dave - 25/07/2016


Morris - 23/07/2016

Excellent value and good assortment to experience different tastes well doneo

Terry - 12/06/2016

A great selection of smooth, pleasant wines.

Lynda - 12/06/2016

Very pleased with the quality of these cheaper wines

Phil - 29/04/2016

This is one of my personal favorite selections when I cannot get a Cotes du Rhone selection.

Bruce - 25/04/2016

Great value pack. Speedy delivery with no casualties. Very satisfied with purchase / service. Thank you

Suzanne - 15/02/2016

Easy drinking and good value.

Sue - 14/02/2016

This is the second case I have ordered of these as we enjoyed the first so much.

Penny - 08/02/2016

These wines are super smooth and very easy to drink at any time of day. I usually stick to NZ and Australian reds, but will now be buying these again!

Kirsten - 08/02/2016

Consistently excellent over last 2 years. Never fails.

Chris - 17/12/2015


Louise - 10/12/2015

Fantastic value for money!We thought the Carignan Syrah was equal to sum of the good shiraz that we enjoy.just ordered another case! Merry Xmas all !

Tony - 10/12/2015

Have enjoyed every drop. Great value.

Bob - 07/12/2015

Beautiful range delightful to taste

Sue - 06/12/2015

Excellent mix

Peter - 04/12/2015

Great buying and value for money..........I can still talk abit of shxt after drinking a bottle !!

Mike - 28/11/2015

Superb Value.

Ron - 28/11/2015

Wonderful selection. I'm sure to be reordering in the not too distant future

Russell - 29/08/2015

Great Value, Highly recommmended

Karen - 21/08/2015

Excellent, I'll be buying more

Tony - 21/08/2015

Beautiful wines. We've got 3 cases now.

Jenny - 18/08/2015

Excellent value for money. All of the wines are easy to drink, full of flavour and great on the palate.

Allan - 30/03/2022

love the french wine will order it again

Gloria - 20/03/2022

Always enjoy this selection. They have a good body and can be drunk at once or stored.

Darrell - 28/12/2021

Enjoyed this mix of wines. It’s good to challenge your taste buds and try something else.

Pip - 27/12/2021

Good prompt service and tasty wine. I have recommended it to my friends

Simon - 03/09/2021

Great value here, easy drinking BBQ wine. Good selection.

Peter - 11/03/2021

Have bought this case on a number of occasions as we enjoy these old world wines and they are excellent value.

Nigel - 22/12/2020

Good to see that region getting more attention

Peter - 28/11/2020

Good value - pleasant drinking wine.

Maurice - 29/05/2020

Unfortunately the Marlow was omitted from my order so can't rate it, but all others tried have proved to be great for the price.

Michael - 28/05/2020

A fabulous combination of very drinkable wines. We now only buy this selection of reds (when available)

Ailsa - 13/01/2020

A very nice combination of wines. Quite subtil with no one flavour overwhelming the others. Very reasonably priced. Quite hard to criticise.

Edwin - 10/12/2019

Suitably satisfied taste buds a good buy.

Andrew - 25/09/2019

Love this mix - awesome. Packaging not too good - bottles loose and ratling in boxes, no cardboard in between. Amazing that couriers didn't break any. Will buy again.

Barry - 14/07/2019

Great taster collection. Great to be able to explore the wines of a particular region. Should do more of these,

Ray - 08/07/2019

love these French reds. Have bought a few times already and will keep doing so.

Natasha - 06/07/2019

Very drinkable, good value for money, will be getting another box soon.

Megan - 09/05/2019

Really good wine and good value

Anne - 28/03/2019

Excellent value and tasting right up to expectations

Michael - 04/02/2019

Good table wines. Really nothing special.

Carlos - 21/01/2019

Very pleasant.

Robyn - 05/11/2018

Great value for these most enjoyable wines

David - 09/10/2018

great value

Rachel - 02/09/2018

Very nice wines, well worth purchasing and delivery very prompt.

Donald - 25/08/2018

Nice trio selection of wines and never tried any of them before. The Syrah was particularly nice and different to NZ Syrahs in background flavour. Would definitely get this selection again in the future if available.

Martin - 24/08/2018

Second case....

Kate - 28/07/2018

great selection and value

Malcolm - 20/07/2018

3 our of the 4 were more special 4th xx

Jane - 15/06/2018

Fussy husband still enjoying the variety

Wayne And Christine - 06/06/2018

Great value

Ken - 05/06/2018

Good to find a selection like this in a case lot

Roger - 06/05/2018

Nice alrouder

Terry - 26/03/2018

Hi I am pleased with it all. Once logged in future ones could be easier. Thanks again

Branislav - 30/01/2018

first2 bottles excellent

Howard - 29/01/2018

Good gutsy red

Sharon - 16/12/2017

Exellent vaue, exellent service

Raymond - 20/11/2017

Great Value wines ideal for Sunday brunch or a relaxing glass of wine when required. All four of the varieties are easy on the pallet and certainly do not suggest they are a low cost wine when enjoyed. A good deal from Blackmarket.

Terence - 20/11/2017

Very nice - not the best - but quite OK.

Simon - 04/11/2017

Somewhat different to New Zealand and Australian reds but well worth the tasting experience.

Ian - 04/11/2017

Great selection of wines, its always nice to have a variety, never disappointed with your service speedy delivery

Charlotte - 03/11/2017

Please with the product haven’t tried it all yest but so far so good

Yvonne - 28/10/2017

We liked merlot burst but on the whole really good value

Barry - 20/09/2017

Great value - as others have commented, there's not a poor one among them.

Barry - 23/08/2017

Very good value

James - 22/08/2017

I love these French wines - soft on the palate.

Kaye - 12/08/2017

Everyday wine but good value.

Richard - 31/07/2017

Good for the price

Darryl - 29/06/2017

Great red for after work!!!

Lesley - 26/06/2017

Love the quaffable, French wines and a very good price.

Susan - 19/06/2017

Good to have several nice French wines in one package.

John - 18/06/2017

Very good value and enjoyable so I ordered more

Garry - 08/05/2017

Very pleasant wine at a very good price

Ken - 11/04/2017

Excellent wines will enjoy and get some more

Robert - 10/04/2017

I enjoy this mixed range, the wines always delivers flavour and value.

Lindsay - 03/03/2017

This wine is Kapai bro - better than the Flax juice we bin making lately. Ka kite ano - Hemi McDonald

Ian - 02/03/2017

A great selection of wine for easy drinking, highly recommended.

Lance - 10/02/2017

Wonderful wine on hot summers night ?? this is my second case

Bryan - 05/02/2017

A well balanced mix great value for money

Greg - 29/01/2017

have not had a chance to try each bottle yet - but always pretty happy with BM recommendations

Bruce - 15/01/2017

A very interesting selection of easy drinking reds.

Tim - 01/01/2017

Excellent value for money and thoroughly enjoyed the merlot and carignan and Syrah.

Megan - 19/12/2016

Nice range. Second case, so has our vote of confidence.

Marc - 19/12/2016

A fine selection of easy drinking, soft on the palate French wines. Great for a quiet glass or at a bbq.

Eric - 12/12/2016


Viv - 06/12/2016

Refreshingly different from most of the other wines on the market. Definitely worth a go.

Wayne - 03/12/2016

very pleasant good drinking.

Lyndsay - 18/11/2016

A really interesting selection, all four are smooth and delicious.

David - 14/11/2016

Great value for money and much better than the supermarket frenchies

Cathryn - 12/11/2016

Great value for money ,have placed a second order

Mario - 27/10/2016

Lovely wines

Shelley - 15/10/2016

Excellent value for money. That is why I bought some more!

Brian - 14/10/2016

Lovely so far Haven't tried them all yet

Brigid - 14/10/2016

Very interesting variety of wines.

Derek - 02/10/2016

Very easy drinking - great sample of Southern French wines

Alan - 01/10/2016

Really nice tasting wines

Helen - 21/09/2016

Hard to put the cap back on once opened !!

Chris - 16/09/2016

excellent drinking for the money

Steve - 31/08/2016

A couple of excellent wines, great value and highly recommended

Scott - 29/08/2016

So far so good.

Lauchlan - 26/08/2016

I can remember buying wine in France many years ago and experimenting with many different types that I did not know. Man there was some great wines for a couple of dollars. That still carries on now, still great wine and still great price. Just don't have to go to France now. Keep up the good work!

Alan - 25/08/2016

Great value, great wines!

Allan - 23/08/2016

Very good value for money. Three delightful reds

Rob - 02/08/2016

Always excellent value.

sue - 29/07/2016

Great buying at the price point.

Niels - 26/07/2016

Excellent value for money, always good to have a nice surprise arriving at the door.

Nicki - 25/07/2016

Great value Great taste

Harold - 25/07/2016

Excellent range of wine. Amazing value for money. Very pleased

Nicola - 24/07/2016

Only tried a Merlot so far, and we usually prefer a Shiraz, but this was delicious. Maybe older vines?

Judy - 24/07/2016

Great value for delicious wines. A nice variety

Colin - 23/07/2016

very enjoyable wines improve even more if you let them breath for a few hours or more

Martin - 22/07/2016

very easy on the palette

Sue - 19/06/2016

Nice variety, good value for the price

Kurt - 14/06/2016

Would purchase again, nice mix.

John - 13/06/2016

Good range selection

Mark - 12/06/2016

Streamlined process and order arrived promptly. Are going to enjoy the wines!

Jane - 08/06/2016

enjoying this selection. Value for money!

Pam - 25/04/2016

Spent time sampling wines inthe south of France last year and these brought back wonderful memories of our trip

Anne - 23/04/2016

Just lovely wine :)

Vadim - 20/02/2016

Smooth, easy flavours Great value for money

Matthew - 09/02/2016

A varied selection of wines, good value.

Donald - 06/02/2016

Great service and excellent value

Margaret - 06/02/2016

havern't drunk it all yet but what we have tried is excellent, TH

Trevor - 05/02/2016

Very good value for money

Cheryl - 11/12/2015

great for the bbq

David - 03/12/2015

Good value mix - would repeat

Andrew - 28/11/2015

Good value

Margaret - 27/11/2015

This is excellent value, unfortunately when I went to buy another case it was sold out!!!

Gary - 09/09/2015

4 great wines at a great price.

Roy - 03/09/2015

we've tasted three varietals,have enjoyed all.Keep up the goood work.Thanks

Jill - 31/08/2015

nice selection very good value

Chris - 31/08/2015

Very easy drinking

James - 31/08/2015

A rare treat!!!

Ian - 30/08/2015

All four are excellent value

Graham - 24/08/2015

Always enjoy trying new foreign wins. Not disapointed here.

Tracy - 24/08/2015

Very nice

Steve - 22/08/2015

Loving the variety of this mix. Good value for money Would order again at this price

Bruce - 21/08/2015

Value for money

Noel - 21/08/2015

Good range but the Merlot a little thin.

Jeff - 17/08/2015

Great value really enjoyable Frence wines

Winston - 08/06/2015

Brilliant in this price bracket - will reorder!

Ken - 25/05/2015

Great wee combo, very quaffable

Helen - 18/05/2015

rated merlot 3 - not to my taste. Other 3 excellent. Overall real value for money

Ron - 17/05/2015

Have tried each, and all have proved excellent.Great Value

Brian - 16/05/2015

All are good French reds, some better than others but that depends on your taste in wine.

John - 15/05/2015

Good value for money

Brian J - 24/05/2019

Nice wines well priced

Grahame - 01/03/2019

3 of the four wines in the selection were fantastic. The Grenache Syrah was a bit sharp on the nose for me.

Ian - 23/12/2018

good so far

Doug - 30/08/2018

Nice hearty reds good for winter drinking.

Simon - 26/07/2018

Bit of a mixed bag so far but for the price you can't really complain :)

John - 23/07/2018

Haven't tasted my way through the box yet but love the change in flavour from my usual Aussie reds.

Susi - 22/01/2018

Not quite as strong as we would like, but a good tipple nevertheless

Paul - 10/08/2017

Very drinkable every day wine.

Dave - 19/06/2017

Great quaffing wines, enjoyable and inoffensive.

Geri - 26/05/2017

a little dry

Margaret - 04/11/2016

great to try wines I would not normally purchase

Jim - 13/10/2016

Interesting mix, we have quite enjoyed so far

Vicki - 23/08/2016

We found the Merlot the most enjoyable!

John - 27/02/2016

Reasonable quality table wines. Somewhat dubious about 5 stars though. Three stars would be plenty.

Mike - 15/02/2016

Excellent service. Very drinkable indeed. Outshines similar priced wines available over the counter.

Marjory - 07/12/2015

Good value

Paul - 21/08/2015

So far I have only opened one bottle of Merlot. Very smooth and flavourful!

Tom - 18/05/2015


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