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A sensation of ripeness & freshness typical of Louis Roederer Rosé

Aromatic complexity comes through in the glass giving a medley of spice, warm cinnamon & pepper

Perfect for any celebratory occasion!

Louis Roederer Brut Rosé 2014 (France)

Elsewhere $139.99 $121.73
3 Btls, $389.97 3 Btls, $339.10

Louis Roederer Brut Rosé 2014 (France)

Louis Roederer Brut Rosé 2014 (France)

Over the years, Louis Roederer has developed a unique technique for the production of its Rosé Champagne...
Elsewhere $139.99 $121.73
3 Btls, $389.97 3 Btls, $339.10


  • Dry style
  • Tangy red fruit
  • Warm cinnamon
  • Soft mousse

Displaying a fresh pink hue with attractive golden tints in the glass and beautiful beads of soft, even bubbles. The wine shows an intense and fruity bouquet reminiscent of a tangy red fruit tart, slightly sweet yet underpinned by more concentrated, jammy and citrus notes. The aromatic complexity comes through after a few swirls in the glass, giving a medley of spice, warm cinnamon and peppers. The fleshy attack is dominated by ripe, crunchy, plump red fruit that brings depth and creaminess. The fruity structure is gradually elongated by a chalky, mineral freshness that creates a lingering sensation of lightness and harmony on the finish.

The 2014 vintage was a “weather waltz”, and one with clear, sharp contrasts! The spring was sunny and dry and ended with a heatwave in June; summer was autumnal, cool and rainy; September was hot, sunny and very dry… weather we would usually associate with the month of August. The ‘key’ to the vintage lay in the soils as well as in the work carried out by the winegrowers. The good drainage properties of the chalk on the lower-middle part of the hillside helped us greatly by allowing the excess water from the summer to drain away and therefore limiting any excess vigour in the vines. These factors were complemented by our increasingly eco-friendly viticultural practices which allow us to take our quest for grapes of perfect balance and maturity even further. 

Over the years Louis Roederer has developed a unique technique for the production of its Rosé Champagne. This process, referred to by Roederer as the ‘infusion’ technique, allows the winery to bring out the juicy, ripe character of the Pinot Noir whilst preserving its exceptional freshness. A small amount of Chardonnay juice is added to the Pinot Noir maceration, which then ferments together and integrates harmoniously. The dosage is 8 g/l.







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