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"Elegantly opulent & delectably appealing" Wine Orbit

"Aromas of white peach, juicy nectarine, ripe mandarin, with slight vegetal note & toasty oak" The Wine Writer

Perfect with a Caesar salad or seafood pasta dishes

Satyr by Sileni Reserve “Kereru” Hawke's Bay Chardonnay 2019

Member rating / 100+
Erp $29.99 $26.08
6 Btls, $95.94 6 Btls, $83.43
Awarded 5 Stars Awarded 93/100 Points Awarded 93/100 Points Awarded 4.5 Stars Black Market Exclusive
Satyr by Sileni Reserve “Kereru” Hawke's Bay Chardonnay 2019

Satyr by Sileni Reserve “Kereru” Hawke's Bay Chardonnay 2019

Member rating / 100+
Gorgeously fruited and complex, the bouquet shows golden peach, mango, vanillin oak and brioche characters...
Erp $29.99 $26.08
6 Btls, $95.94 6 Btls, $83.43


Awarded 93/100 Points & 5 Stars

Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, Jul 2020

Awarded 4.5 Stars

The Wine Writer - Angie Atkinson

Awarded 93/100 Points

International Wine Challenge , UK 2020


  • French oak 
  • Peach
  • Brioche
  • Creamy finish

"The chardonnay grapes are whole bunch pressed, then fermented in oak barrels. The wine is then aged for 10 months in French oak barrels, of which 28% are new with gentle lees stirring to create a lovely texture in the finished wine. Medium lemon in colour with a gold tinge. Aromas of white peach, juicy nectarine, ripe mandarin, with slight vegetal note and toasty oak. A medium palate weight with stone fruit, apple, and lemon pith flavours followed by spicy oak. Well structured and very good value" The Wine Writer

"Gorgeously fruited and complex, the bouquet shows golden peach, mango, vanillin oak and brioche characters. It's equally attractive on the palate, delivering terrific fruit intensity together with creamy mouthfeel and well-pitched acidity, making it elegantly opulent and delectably appealing" Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, Jul 2020

"Exotic nose of vanilla pastry and pineapple. Palate is silky ripe citrus fruits and ginger spice" International Wine Challenge, UK 2020; Panel Chair: Anne Burchett | Co-Chair: Sam Caporn MW

The Kererü Chardonnay has ripe stonefruit and toasted almond aromas with concentrated peach and citrus flavours on the palate. A subtle background of almonds and toast, with fine acidity create a wine which is rich and mouth filling and will cellar for up to six years. Serve lightly chilled.

Chardonnay is sourced from Sileni’s Hawke’s Bay vineyards with a range of soil types including gravels, silt and clay loam. The different characteristics of these sites provide depth and complexity of flavour in the wines.

Kererü Chardonnay is hand harvested and whole bunch pressed, then fermented in French oak barriques to develop complex layers of flavour in a traditional Burgundian style. Following the primary and full malo-lactic fermentations, the wine is left to mature on gross lees in barrel for 9-10 months prior to bottling.

Food Pairing: Perfect with a Caesar salad or seafood pasta dishes.








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NZ (from $5.99)

Member Rating

4.5 Stars

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User comments (159)

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Excellent value for quality

Carol - 03/05/2022

Sophisticated, refined chardonnay for a great price... thanks!

Simon - 02/05/2022

It is one of the nicest Chardonnays

Joy - 18/04/2022


Peter - 02/04/2022

Delicious wine. Loved it so much, I've ordered more!

Sylvia - 02/04/2022

Great drop fer the money!!

Greg - 30/03/2022


Jacqui - 20/03/2022

Definite favourite

Rob - 16/03/2022

It's hard to find a better NZ chardonnay at this price

john - 16/03/2022

This is my third purchase of this Chardonnay. Love it!!

Natalie - 01/03/2022

Full oak flavor without being too heavy. Great value.

Mark - 21/02/2022

One of my favourite Chardonnays at an excellent everyday price

Karen - 09/02/2022

Can't fault it - great wine, great value!

Susie - 05/02/2022

Good value for money

Richard - 01/02/2022

Love it

Jenny - 28/01/2022

Really enjoyable. Would purchase again.

Clare - 05/10/2021

I tried to buy another dozen but not shown as available. Superbly smooth that took the woes of Lockdown away!

Chris - 02/09/2021

My wife gives it 5 stars!

Christopher - 02/09/2021

great value and very smooth drinking

Murray - 02/09/2021

Lovely Chardonnay .

Ann - 01/09/2021

Lovely Chardonnay, especially for the price! We have ordered it many times.

Shirley - 01/09/2021

Have to say this is becoming a favourite. Don't chill it. Have it at room temperature. Drink slowly (yeah right) and enjoy the 'whisky' taste at the end. Just bought some more.

Mark - 31/08/2021

Lovely taste. Rests well in mouth.

Gary - 17/07/2021

One of the best Chardy I tried...and I try many. Great value for the money. Will reorder

Maurizio - 14/07/2021

Exceptional wine

John - 20/06/2021

Definitely one of my favourite chardonay’s. Excellent value on special

Chris - 10/06/2021

Excellent Chardonnay for this price

Neil - 30/05/2021

Great value. Have bought a second case!

Tonia - 27/05/2021

Beautiful Chardonnay especially for the money. Defs would buy again

Ruth - 21/05/2021

Very good

Jan - 17/05/2021

very nice

Barb - 17/05/2021

Very well priced wine will use again!

Lucy - 14/04/2021

this chardy is outstanding, great value for the money.

John - 29/03/2021

very good chardonnay

Bill - 08/03/2021

One of the best buys of recent years. This is a very well balanced Chardonnay with good fruit , toasty overtones and a nice touch of oak without being overwhelming. Excellent value. I’ve bought several dozen

Mike - 28/02/2021

Really like this Chardonnay- flavour and balance- rather beautiful. Great value for money.

Andrea - 31/01/2021

Excellent drinking and value.

Clayton - 24/01/2021

Ordering more!

Sarah - 09/01/2021

Perfect value for money -

Bill - 08/01/2021

This is an amazing value Chardonnay. Creamy, toasty, tasty... everything I love in a chardonnay and without the hefty price tag. I've already reordered.

Vicki - 08/01/2021

What value for your money. Creamy and smooth.

Merryl - 20/12/2020

One of the best

Chris - 18/12/2020

Beautiful especially for the price.

Margo - 14/12/2020

My second purchase of this great value wine. Drinking very nicely at present.

Clayton - 08/12/2020

Absolutely delicious. Everything a good chardy should be. Creamy buttery and a good mouthful of oakiness. Loved it.

Wendy - 07/12/2020

A great value wine for its level of creaminess !

Charlie - 04/12/2020

Perfect. Loved this full bodied Chard so much I purchased more.

Janice - 02/12/2020

A very delicious wine. So good that frugal me has already purchased more.

Paul - 02/12/2020

Damn nice drop, great value for money - ordered more

Colleen - 30/11/2020

Clean crisp chardonnay taste without being over the top like in the past. I highly reccomend this wine.

Cliff - 12/11/2020

Fabulous. An elegant drop complex and dreamy with a hint of lime ordered more

Heather - 04/11/2020

Loved this wine. Great value for money.

Chris - 25/10/2020

Very nice wine

Barbara - 24/10/2020

A lovely, medium bodied, well integrated wine with a beautiful mouth feel. Outstanding value for money. I have ordered another four cases.

Kevin - 23/10/2020


Andrew - 15/10/2020

Proper value for the money. Have even bought a second lot because of both value and quality

Paul - 15/10/2020

Very full bodied tasty chardonnay

Pamela - 03/10/2020

Just beautiful!

Karen - 01/10/2020

A excellent Chardonnay

Garry - 28/09/2020

This is truly outstanding value.

Christopher - 28/09/2020

This is definitely a way nicer Chardonnay than you would expect for that price

Peter - 27/09/2020


Sarah - 26/09/2020

Originally rated this 4 stars but on second thoughts it really is a 5. Have ordered more!

Helene - 26/09/2020

excellent wine at good price-pity the courier was not up to scratch

Ian - 25/09/2020

Lovely chardonnay, great fruit and well made.

Greg - 25/09/2020

Excellent Chardonnay

Annette - 22/09/2020

stunning chardonnay - fully recommend

Samantha - 21/09/2020

Delicious! Have ordered another case.

Sally - 20/09/2020

Fab deal. Smooth and tasty

Tracy - 17/09/2020

Superbly delicious

Suzie - 17/09/2020


Alick - 16/09/2020

Very nice

Ros - 15/09/2020

A beautiful Chardonnay, so nice have ordered a second lot.

June - 14/09/2020

Absolutely outstanding - Have re ordered !!

Sue - 14/09/2020

Excellent value

Peter - 14/09/2020

Absolutely great. Have already ordered more.

Chris - 14/09/2020

This is a very smooth, creamy drop. Full of flavour and a nice Chardonnay colour. Good price, good valule!

Elaine - 14/09/2020

Totally delicious! I'm ordering more

John - 14/09/2020

Great chardonnay, keep buying more :-)

Josie - 14/09/2020

Fantastic wine and great value for money

Dave - 14/09/2020

A very special wine at an amazing price.

Phillip - 13/09/2020

Excellent value.

Carne - 13/09/2020

pleasant reasonably full bodied Chardonnay. A quality wine

David - 13/09/2020

I like this wine and keep ordering it. It has an old school chardonnay taste and feel about it, Plenty of mouth filling qualities that make immediately feel like another glass.

David - 19/04/2022

Well balanced and oaked

Jeff - 17/04/2022

Great value for money. Very drinkable

Peter - 11/04/2022

great wine for the price

Norma - 01/04/2022

typical of Hawkes Bay Chardonnay elegant and pleasant to enjoy

Grahame - 27/03/2022

An excellent chardonnay, very good value at this price.

Reg - 07/03/2022

great wine

Neville - 02/03/2022

very nice and enjoyed by buttery Chardonnay drinkers.

jennifer - 19/02/2022

wife likes it

Terence - 14/02/2022

Went for the good % review, but found the balance of citrus and character a mismatch. Price matches quality, I guess!

Peter - 13/02/2022

Very nice Chardy

Graham - 09/02/2022

Like the taste

Harold - 06/02/2022


Dianne - 28/01/2022

Perfect Chardonnay at a reasonable price

Robyn - 08/10/2021

Very drinkable. Well structured. Bold. The type of Chardonnay I really enjoy. Would highly recommend if you know you like wine from this region. Oak, brioche, melon, long lingering aftertaste.

Mel - 03/09/2021

Good value for money

Grant - 24/08/2021

Great value and a really nice wine ??

Jill - 23/08/2021

A very nice Chardonnay. Would buy again.

Gayel - 17/08/2021

Very tasty

Meryl - 16/08/2021

Lovely Chardonnay. Definitely order again.

Kellie - 08/08/2021

Good quality chardonnay at a great price.

John - 03/08/2021

This is a good quality mid-range NZ chardonnay and my second 12 bottle order so no complaint about its value for money. However, the ERP [Estimated Retail Price] of $29.99 is an exaggeration. More realistically it is an $18 [at a stretch] chardonnay selling at a reasonable discount via Black Market.I give it 4 stars at the price, if I had paid $29.99 it would fewer than that.

Louise - 15/07/2021

Great Chardonnay at a great price so ordered more!

Russell - 29/06/2021

Real nice chardonnay

Bill - 10/06/2021

Was recently given half a dozen. Really terrific Chardonnay.

Roger - 03/05/2021

Extremely pleasant chardonnay - would buy again

Mary - 28/04/2021

very nice.

Karen - 22/04/2021

Excellent smooth chardonnay

John - 03/04/2021

A better than average Chardonnay. Great value for money

Barry - 28/03/2021

That was good

Jan - 28/03/2021

Pleasant chardonnay oaky with plenty of flavour.

Susan - 19/03/2021

Quite weighty and rich, an enjoyable drop but lacking a little finesse and that slightly bitter aftertaste you dont get with the high class stuff. 3.5 to 4 score I guess. Glad I ordered it but probably wont get more.

richard - 17/03/2021

Onto my second dozen, really enjoying this wine

Kim - 18/02/2021

Excellent value for the price will buy again

Preston - 09/02/2021

A good chardonnay, enjoyed

Malcolm - 03/02/2021

So - good I ordered another case

kevin - 28/01/2021

Great Chardonnay. We are now on our second box.

Pip - 21/01/2021

Mmm this is nice , enjoying a glass as I type market always delivers

Charlotte - 27/12/2020

a pleasant and well rounded flavor

Rex - 19/12/2020

enjoyable, good value

Lorraine - 07/12/2020

a really nice chardonnay

Chris - 07/12/2020

A great Chardonnay

David - 06/12/2020

Excellent Chardonnay, could not have asked for more at that price point, unfortunately it didn't last long!

Gary - 05/12/2020

Enjoy this wine, have ordered it many times, good value.

Alison - 04/12/2020

This is an excellent Chardonnay with good pallet weight and length of flavour. There is no better Chardonnay in the market at this price

Jamie - 04/12/2020

Delicious Love the subtle oak the finish is soft and yet not too dry Think it will be my summer go to

Barry - 22/11/2020

Very nice Chardonnay, will need more

Maureen - 04/11/2020

Better than excellent value for money!

Rodd - 03/11/2020

Great HB Chardy. Nice fruit and not not buttery. Good value

Keith - 21/10/2020

Nice wine and good value

Alan - 20/10/2020

I enjoyed this Chardonnay. Reasonably priced. I will buy again. Nice!

Tessa - 18/10/2020

Good value for money!

Colin - 15/10/2020

Just the style of Chardonnay I prefer and I would continue to buy at this price.

Beverley - 13/10/2020

Enjoyed this wine, but had hoped for a fuller more buttery style. Have put some away to give it more time in bottle.

Moira - 02/10/2020

a well-made wine and good value

Rod - 28/09/2020

Well rounded and balanced. Delicious.

Vivianne - 27/09/2020

A great Chardonnay at a good price.

Shona - 25/09/2020

Good price good wine - very impresses

Ros - 24/09/2020

Excellent value Have purchased another carton

Hugh - 20/09/2020

It's not bad but needs to be at the right temperature (not too cold) to shine and it may well improve with another couple of years. I'll be happy to drink the 6 bottles but probably won't order any more

Steve - 20/09/2020

Lovely wine

Neil - 20/09/2020

Fine wine - better than Church Rd at similar price

Richard - 18/09/2020

Good chardy this one. Would recommend it.

Phil - 15/09/2020

Prompt delivery. Very satisfied with Black Market

Maree - 14/09/2020

nice complexity

Peter - 14/09/2020

Nice drop

Colin - 14/09/2020

classy wine

Bill - 14/09/2020

Excellent value for a quality chardonnay

Jeff - 14/09/2020

Very good lunch wine - fresh and clean

Les - 13/09/2020

Lighter style, but nice balance and satisfying finish. Excellent value.

Mike - 13/09/2020

A well-rounded, medium weight chardonnay - very nice !

Tony - 13/09/2020

Lovely and creamy - great value for money

Sue - 13/09/2020

pear and baked quince with oak .....

Steven - 05/04/2021

Fairly priced at $15.99 (assuming no discount). Wouldn't have dreamed of paying $30 odd dollars for this very average wine.

Pat - 03/10/2020

not tried yet

Allan - 17/09/2020

I found it very good but my wife thought it had too much of a lemony taste.

Ron - 15/09/2020


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