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A refreshing & delicate, dry Rosé

Pretty pale peach hues in the glass with beautiful acidity

Perfect as an aperitif, or with lamb kebab, sushi, or vegetable samosas

Château Gassier Esprit IGP Méditerraneé Rosé 2019 (France)

Member rating / 2

Black Market 5 Stars Awarded 89/100 Points
Château Gassier Esprit IGP Méditerraneé Rosé 2019 (France)

Château Gassier Esprit IGP Méditerraneé Rosé 2019 (France)

Member rating / 2
Esprit Gassier adapts to every one of us...


Awarded 89/100 Points

Wine Enthusiast, Jan 2020


  • Dry style
  • White & yellow fruit
  • Refreshing
  • Lovely acidity

Shades of pale peach in the glass. Delicate nose with white and yellow fruit aromas. On the palate, a mineral wine with a beautiful freshness and an acidity touch on the finish.

Guardian of the Provence spirits, the Mount Sainte-Victoire gave birth to a splendid, uncontested typical terroir. Clay and limestone, pebbles and sand caused by erosion from the Sainte Victore Mountain.

Gassier en Provence flies the flag high for the wines of the Sainte-Vitcoire region. The estate is situated just a few kilometers from Aix-enProvence, known as 'the town of thousand fountains', and upholds the values of the French Riveria and the Provencal lifestyle. Gassier en Provence draws the very best from its unique geographical setting and reflects the richness and diversity of the Sainte-Victoire terroir in every single one of its wines.

Food Pairing: To be served with lamb kebab, sushi or vegetable samosa.

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5 Stars


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