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"An intensely aromatic Sauvignon" Wine Orbit

"Pristine fruit flavours backed by juicy acidity, making it instantly appealing" Wine Orbit

Enjoy with grilled lemon chicken salad with feta & rocket or a goats cheese, caramelised onion tart

Mystery Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017 (18)

Member rating / 50+
Elsewhere $15.99 $13.90

Black Market Mystery Wines™ are simply wines we love, with the branding hidden and revealed only when it arrives at your door!

Awarded Trophy Awarded Double Gold Medal: Best Value Awarded 5 Stars Awarded 93/100 Points Awarded Silver Medal Awarded Silver Medal Awarded 88/100 Points
Mystery Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017 (18)

Mystery Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017 (18)

Member rating / 50+
This award-winning Mystery wine displays vibrant notes of lime, ruby grapefuit, jalapeño and basil...
Elsewhere $15.99 $13.90


Awarded Trophy

New Zealand Wine of the Year

Awarded Double-Gold Medal

China Wine & Spirits Best Value Awards 2018

Awarded 93/100 Points & 5 Stars

Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

Awarded Silver Medal

Royal Easter Show Wine Awards 2018

Awarded Silver Medal

Marlborough Wine Show 2017

Awarded 88/100 Points

Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier


  • Dry style
  • Tropical fruit
  • Lemon zest
  • Sweet basil

"An intensely aromatic Sauvignon, the fabulously expressed bouquet shows passionfruit, grapefruit, lemon zest and sweet basil aromas, leading to a vibrant palate that is mouth filling and lingering. The wine offers pristine fruit flavours backed by juicy acidity, making it instantly appealing" Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

"Pungent, fruity and fresh with aromas and flavours of citrus, apple and tropical fruits, a very light herbaceous layer, balanced and even bouquet overall. Fresh and crunchy on the palate with decent acidity and flavours that reflect the nose. An even and balanced finish, light weight and easy to drink. drink now and through 2019" Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier

This Mystery wine displays vibrant notes of lime, ruby grapefuit, jalapeño and basil.

The fruit was harvested in the cool of the morning and transferred to the winery where it underwent temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks  to capture and express the pure fruit flavours.

Good viticultural management and the adaption of appropriate practices due to the early identification of the cooler season, resulted in some very good fruit. The combination of dropping crop in a naturally lower yielding season, along with an increase in leaf plucking allowed us to harvest our fruit early and in good condition.




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NZ (from $5.99)

Member Rating

4 Stars

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User comments (47)

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Nice and dry full flavour

Marlene - 16/08/2020

A beautiful tasting wine

Russell - 01/08/2020

Intriguingly complex and delicious

Gay - 05/07/2020

Love it, very refreshing and easy to drink, definately value for money

Brenda - 03/07/2020

A very nice crisp and refreshing Sav. Would buy again.

Valerie - 01/07/2020

This wine is so drinkable- bright and flavoursome.

Lesley - 26/06/2020

Fantastic value and outstanding service....Thank you Black Market

Michelle - 18/05/2020

This is a great wine.

Diane - 27/04/2020

Very good value for money

Hazel - 09/04/2020


Stephen - 23/03/2020

Has a unique delicate sav taste, excellent with nibbles and light summer meals.

Elaine - 26/12/2019

Really enjoy the flavor will be one of my favorites

Sherry - 28/11/2019

Very nice, will order again

Robyn - 28/11/2019

Very nice wine. Really enjoyed it.

Malcolm - 29/07/2020

Nice, not brilliant

Ian - 12/07/2020

Great wine

Caroline - 10/07/2020

New to this Wine producer and pleasantly surprised, a nice drinkable Sauvignon at a great price and from a top region

Stephen - 09/07/2020

Very drinkable

Carol - 08/07/2020

Good cheap plonk acceptable on any table

Richard - 17/06/2020

Really nice wine.

Gary - 17/06/2020

Very nice wine, excellent service as always from Black Market.

Elizabeth - 12/06/2020

Very pleasant wine. A dry Sauv with a pleasant taste.

Brett - 12/06/2020

Came to the conclusion,after a very large glass,that I rather like this.Commendably dry but doesn't bite yer head off. And at this price.....

Jonathan - 11/06/2020

very pleasant wine Thanks

Ronald - 10/06/2020

Really enjoyed this

Rebecca - 10/06/2020

Very nice easy drinking Sav Blanc and excellent value for money

David - 05/06/2020

Nice to drink, fruity.

Carole - 24/04/2020

Very nce and tasty

Jessie - 22/04/2020

Getting used to it - a little dry but enjoyable

Tui - 19/04/2020

A lovely crisp, refreshing surprise.

Richard - 09/04/2020

The jalapeno notes were a surprise when i read the bottle as i love that type of spice but it was a VERY light touch and an easy wine to enjoy

Damian - 02/04/2020

Lovely wine - great price!

Maura - 27/02/2020

Really pleased with this wine, and at such great price!

Sara - 28/01/2020

Very smooth taste and flavour especially at room temp. Required more straight away.

Dave - 13/01/2020

Good value Sauvignon Blanc.

Beth - 11/12/2019

Very refreshing and quite fruity.

Marjorie - 10/08/2020

Pleasant wine but a sharper taste than expected, not as enjoyable as others I have purchased.

Susan - 19/06/2020

Not my favourite mystery wine for the price

Ruth - 08/06/2020

Good value, would buy again at this price

Gareth - 07/06/2020

Fruity wine with the softness you would expect from an older Sauvignon Blanc

Bo - 05/06/2020

Not quite the usual SB but a distinctive and enjoyable flavour.

Frank - 07/05/2020

Descent drinking wine. Good with pasta, fish and chicken dishes.

Brent - 19/04/2020

Quite a good Sauvignon Blanc

Simon - 18/04/2020

Average wine, drinkable, but a lot better on this site.

John - 21/03/2020

Fine every day white, flavor may grow on us.

Michael - 02/03/2020

Not a wine that I know. It is a good middle of the road Sav Blanc. Holds its taste well.

Brian - 23/01/2020

Didn't live up to its 5 star 93/100 billing in our opinion. Light and a little green tasting.

RICHARD - 30/12/2019


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