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Incredibly lively & fruit forward

Grava’s Rosé is produced predominantly from a single Pinot Noir clone

Enjoy on its own or with your favourite Summer seafood dishes

Grava Martinborough Rosé 2018

Elsewhere $35.00 $30.43
6 Btls, $177.94 6 Btls, $154.73

Grava Martinborough Rosé 2018

Grava Martinborough Rosé 2018

Grava’s Rosé is produced predominantly from a single Pinot Noir clone...
Elsewhere $35.00 $30.43
6 Btls, $177.94 6 Btls, $154.73


Grava’s Rosé is produced predominantly from a single Pinot Noir clone, picked early to ensure lively acidity to back up the fruit forward characters which represent a great Rosé.

The wine is given minimal skin contact in the press – resulting in a subtle salmon-coloured wine. The Grava Rosé was fermented in 500 litre puncheons to produce a fruit-driven wine with a layer of mineral complexity.

Grava was founded in 2014 by experienced winemaker Alistair Gardner, his wife Karla Falloon and her Grava Wines family. The well-established vineyard sits on the alluvial soils of the Southern Wairarapa in the heart of the winegrowing region of Martinborough. It produces high quality wines from Pinot Noir, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Alistair is grava’s viticulturist and winemaker and uses traditional and modern viticultural and oenological methods in the vineyard and winemaking operations. The grapes are all hand- harvested and grown using sustainable practices with Alistair overseeing all stages of vine upkeep, crop growth and fruit maturity to produce the best quality fruit for processing and fermentation.

Alistair’s attention to detail, extensive international knowledge and dedication to excellence characterises the grava vineyard and winery operations.





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