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Gold Medal winning, soft & silky smooth Merlot

J.P. Chenet's focus on the grape & its quality has lead to massive success

Pair this Southern French gem with rich lamb dishes

JP Chenet Merlot 2018 (France)

Member rating / 39
Awarded Gold Medal Black Market Exclusive
JP Chenet Merlot 2018 (France)

JP Chenet Merlot 2018 (France)

Member rating / 39
Inspired by New World wines, J.P. Chenet focused its advertising on the grape not the region, this and its quality focus, has lead to massive success...


Awarded Gold Medal

Gilbert & Gaillard 2019


This Merlot from JP Chenet comes from carefully chosen vineyards in the Languedoc region of Southern France. A soft, easy to drink red wine with an expressive bouquet unveiling notes of red fruit, blackcurrant and cherry. With a very long finish, this wine reveals smooth and silky tannins.

The JP Chenet range of wines from South-West France offer amazing value for money. In 1984, the GCF group launched a uniquely-positioned wine -  JP Chenet. Inspired by New World wines, J.P. Chenet focused its advertising on the grape not the region, this and its quality focus, has lead to massive success. It has become the world’s top-selling French wine and so easily recognised. JP Chenet sells a bottle of wine somewhere in the world every two seconds!











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Member Rating

4.5 Stars

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User comments (23)

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Ive been dtinking this for 10 years. Its the top Merlot in the world.

Jeff - 25/10/2021

Stunning Merlot I don’t think you can ever beat this for value

George - 08/10/2021

Very drinkable

Denies - 29/09/2021

A lovely drink

Ann - 11/09/2021

Good value.

Kathryn - 03/09/2021

Always a good solid wine

Kevin - 31/08/2021

Five star Gold!

Michael - 07/11/2020

Very hard to not give this 5 stars as the value for money is extraordinary! A really smooth quaff with a deliciously delicate taste and aromas, you could pay far more for more expensive wines but most would be hard pressed to match this one.

John - 24/09/2020

outstanding value for money really am enjoying this wine

Mary - 22/06/2020

Lovely smooth French wine

Barbara - 30/05/2020

Nice wine, good value for money, have bought on several occasions previously

Arthur - 17/12/2019

Excellent value for money. Lovely tasting wine

Peter - 07/12/2019

Not a bad little quaff-er. Reasonable around balance and worth purchasing

Gary - 02/10/2021

Lovely balanced merlot.

Mel - 11/09/2021

Easy to drink, flavorsome and nice hue

Kim - 09/09/2021

The first bottle is very nice

Sandra - 20/08/2021

always good

Brian - 11/08/2021

A very drinkable red

Tony - 22/09/2020

Great well rounded Merlot

Martin - 01/06/2020

Always happy with this Merlot,very popular with our friends,unfortunately.

David - 08/12/2019

Hi the type of wine I really enjoy.Very smooth.

Nola - 03/12/2019

Ist timeI tried this , while enjoyable I probably wont bother again

Ceciley - 29/08/2021

Good food wine and well integrated. Great for the price.

Steven - 06/04/2021


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