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"Ripe, complex & fragrant" Wine Orbit

Creamy mouthfeel, grapefruit with a touch of oak influence adding texture & length, all leading into a sweet fruit finish

Pair with chicken roulade stuffed with spinach, feta & parmesan, served with a white wine sauce

Mystery Hawke's Bay Chardonnay 2015

Member rating / 39
Erp $15.99 $13.90

Black Market Mystery Wines™ are simply wines we love, with the branding hidden and revealed only when it arrives at your door!

Awarded 5 Stars Awarded 93/100 Points
Mystery Hawke's Bay Chardonnay 2015

Mystery Hawke's Bay Chardonnay 2015

Member rating / 39
Creamy mouthfeel, grapefruit with a touch of oak influence adding texture and length...
Erp $15.99 $13.90


Awarded 5 Stars & 93/100 Points

Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, Mar 2018


  • Subtle oak
  • Cedar & vanilla
  • Nectarine
  • Creamy mouthfeel

"Ripe, complex and fragrant, the engaging bouquet shows nectarine, rockmelon, cedar, vanilla and subtle spice notes. The palate is concentrated and beautifully weighted, delivering fleshy mouthfeel and creamy texture, brilliantly supported by bright acidity, finishing long and delectable" Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, Mar 2018

Fresh nectarine, grapefruit and white floral aromas. Creamy mouthfeel, grapefruit with a touch of oak influence adding texture and length, all leading into a sweet fruit finish.

The 2015 season started drier than usual with typically good temperatures from December through to February. Around 16th to 18th March the edge of a tropical cyclone made it’s presence felt and about 50mm of rain fell in Hawke’s Bay. Immediately after the rain, some very cool southerly winds dried the vineyards out perfectly. The next three weeks saw almost no rain and ripening continued well. Cool dry weather followed right up until the end of harvest on the 24th April. Harvest began with Chardonnay around mid-March and the fruit benefited greatly from another two weeks on the vine.

Harvested at optimum condition fermented using selected strains of yeast. Portions of this wine were aged on oak for 8 months. This wine went through partial MLF fermentation on yeast lees. Fined using milk products.





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NZ (from $5.70)

Member Rating

4.5 Stars

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User comments (23)

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Kevin - 15/10/2020

Very easy drinking at a very favourable price

Murray - 15/10/2020

Great value for money Really enjoying the wine Love all [Winery] Wine

Avis - 27/09/2019

Exceptional value for money.

Judy - 26/09/2019

Great wine at an exceptional price.

Colin - 19/09/2019

Outstanding value for money. Rare to get a chardy of that vintage for that price. What will it cost if it comes off special?

Malcolm - 06/09/2019

Value for money

Chris - 15/10/2020

Very good value Chardonnay.

Graeme - 27/09/2019

Clean taste.

Gary - 26/09/2019

Really enjoying this Mystery Wine.

Carol - 24/09/2019

Great drop for the price

Adamson - 21/09/2019

Very enjoyable Chardonnay

Ronnie - 12/09/2019

Good fruit-acid balance plus a little oak. Worth cellaring a few more years.

Simon - 07/09/2019

Second purchase, great wine.

Brian - 07/09/2019

Very nice, typical chardonnay. Hard to beat at $10 per bottle.

Anne - 06/09/2019

However it was just on turn but still drinkable

Lindsay - 03/09/2019

Certainly a good value wine for the price. Would buy again.

Joe - 03/09/2019

nice easy to drink .

Brian - 29/08/2019

Easy drinking great value

Dave - 23/08/2019

good value for money

Yerko - 26/09/2019

A good wine/ better chilled

Helen - 08/09/2019

Certainly drinkable

Valerie - 06/09/2019

Not as good as other HB Chardonnays purchased from Blackmarket

Ashley - 30/08/2019


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