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Delicate balance of styles & flavours in this harmonious wine

Citrus & strawberries are melted together to create a fantastic clean & crisp finish

Best enjoyed while young & fresh, this Rose pairs well with barbecued seafood or antipasto

McGuigan Private Bin Rosé 2018 (Australia)

Member rating / 15

Lighter Alcohol
McGuigan Private Bin Rosé 2018 (Australia)

McGuigan Private Bin Rosé 2018 (Australia)

Member rating / 15
The fruit for this wine was sourced from regions of South Eastern Australia...


  • Medium-dry style
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Subtle citrus & musk
  • Crisp, clean finish

This wine displays lovely pale pink colours with aromas of fresh strawberries, complemented with hints of citrus and musk. The sweetness of the strawberries is balanced with acidity ensuring a clean and crisp finish. 

The fruit for this wine was sourced from regions of South Eastern Australia. The long hours of sunshine ensure that the fruit ripens completely. The fruit is of special quality as only certain parcels from various soil types and trellis systems are selected. This ensures that there is a delicate balance of styles and flavours to the harmonious wine. 

Food Pairing: Best enjoyed while young and fresh, this Rose pairs well with barbequed seafood or antipasto. 









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NZ (from $5.70)

Member Rating

4.5 Stars

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User comments (11)

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Really enjoying this wine

Helen - 06/04/2020

Love it. I am unable to order more on the site, when will it be available again?

Heather - 31/03/2020

My wife rates very highly

Graham - 16/03/2020

Subtle and very nice, one super happy customer here! !!

Rakus - 03/12/2019

We consider this wine supplements the Merlot and is refreshing served chilled on those hot summer days which are about to happen!! We consider the price of these wines/McGuigan to be value for money and are very consistent.

Kenneth - 15/11/2019

Best blue rose going.

Cliff - 09/11/2019

Very smooth , light and delectable

Bev - 04/10/2019

Have purchased this before. Very popular with the ladies because of lower alcohol content

Bourke - 22/10/2019

Pleasant wine.

Dave - 08/11/2019

OK, I like the mildness but it's a bit on the sweet side, OK with added lemon.

Graham - 08/11/2019

Quite nice but flavour a bit intense for me.

Wendy - 21/10/2019


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