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Crisp & fresh fruit-forward

A strong flavour 'attack' showing a vibrant marriage of fruit & yeast influences

Perfect for any celebration!

De La Terre Hawkes Bay Cuvée II Methode Traditionnelle 2016

De La Terre Hawkes Bay Cuvée II Methode Traditionnelle 2016

De La Terre Hawkes Bay Cuvée II Methode Traditionnelle 2016

This wine is is about as 'hand-made' as you can get – from the hand harvesting to hand-bottling, hand riddling, disgorging & labelling!


The De La Terre Cuvee II Methode Traditionnelle is a  crisp, fresh ‘fruit-forward’ Methode with obvious yeast notes and the minerality typical of our limestone terroir. Cuvee II (two) is actually a Blanc de Blanc or ‘White of whites’ (100% Chardonnay). The name ‘Cuvee II’ comes from the fact that the wines spends 24 months (or II years) on its yeast lees in the bottle prior to disgorging.

Grapes were hand harvests from selected low-yielding vines, in an early harvest to limit the aromatic fruit level and ‘trap’ the firm acidity necessary for this style. In the winery the juise primary fermentation was in stainless steel at elevated temperatures and a special strain of Champagne yeast. This fermentationa saw 100% Malo-lactic fermentation, with 24 months on yeast in bottle (tirage). Riddled by hand and manually disgorged at de la terre, with zero dosage (no sugar addition) at disgorging. Bottled on site at the De La Terre Estate, each bottle is hand-labelled and individually hand numbered (this was a very small production with only 1860 bottles) .

De La Terre is a small family-owned boutique winery specialising in hand-made wines from an unusual mix of grape varieties. The wines are crafted by Tony Prichard, owner and winemaker, in the small earth-brick winery he built, west of Hastings. The name ‘de la terre’, literally meaning ‘of the earth,’ is a reference to both the vineyard soils and the earth brick construction used in the winery and cellar door.







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