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Structured & elegant

Lively lifted palate with pink, soft red fruits

Perfect wine pairing with scallops, prawns, sushi & sashimi

Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé 2016

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Awarded 91/100 Points Awarded 4 Stars
Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé 2016

Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé 2016

The excellent quality of wine is the result of the passion and dynamism of a family that has been producing top-quality grapes for three generations...
Elsewhere $22.99 $19.99


Awarded 91/100 Points


Awarded 4 Stars

Wine Guy, July 2017


"A refreshing rosé with an inviting nose, created to accompany spring and summer occasions and more. This new rosé interpretation by Famiglia Pasqua is a lively blend created from noble indigenous varietals like Corvina and Trebbiano di Lugana - along with Syrah and Carménère. This unique blend of grapes have been carefully chosen so that, when harvested at their ideal maturity, they express all the characteristics desired in a bright rosé" Wine Guy, July 2017

A pale coral salmon colour, with wild strawberry, raspberry and pink grapefruit notes on the nose.The ebbiano brings elegance and a long aftertaste; Syrah gives fine fruit and spice notes to the glass and finally, Carmenre creates structure, ensuring stability over time. The Corvina varietal dominates in terms of percentage and was chosen because it is one of the principal cultivars in our territory and for the floral aroma it gives the wine as well as guaranteeing significant acidity. On the palate, the delicate touch of winemaking has resulted in a lively lifted palate with pink, soft red fruits and balanced refreshing natural fruit acidity, resulting in a bright, clean dry finish.

The name 11 MINUTES refers to the duration of the skin contact, the pressing of grapes: the full load of grapes is very softly pressed. In this optimal length of time we extract the most noble qualities of the grapes and obtain the slightly rosy shade that characterize this wine. Once the precious must is created, it is cooled and transferred to a steel tank where it remains for about 11 hours, the necessary time for the more solid parts to decant. After transferring again, the must is inoculate.

Founded in Verona in 1925 by brothers Riccardo, Natale and Umberto Pasqua, this family business is now managed by a second generation of the family and remains one of the main privately owned wineries in Italy. Values like family, history, tradition and respect for the terroir are fundamental for the company. Those values are reflected in the production methods which take care of the vineyards and use respectful methods of vinification. The excellent quality of wine is the result of the passion and dynamism of a family that has been producing top-quality grapes for three generations.










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