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Fruity & supple

Powerful nose with a supple fruity palate

The smooth, full-bodied character make this is great quaffing claret with or without food

Chateau Barat Rouge 2017 (France)

Chateau Barat Rouge 2017 (France)

Chateau Barat Rouge 2017 (France)

A modern rendition with great fun & interest from Chateau Barat which iss located on the outskirts of Bordeaux, excellently situated in the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers region!


Nice pruple dark colour in the glass with a powerful gourmand nose that shows notes of little black fruits like fresh blackberry, blueberry and cherry. The palate is fruity and supple with smooth tannins.

Produced by Thierry Lurton from his Chateau Barat property in the village of Camarsac on the outskirts of Bordeaux, excellently situated in the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers region. Château de Barat estate was built in the XIVth century and was once surrounded by countryside for miles. The castle’s nickname is 'Dark Knight’s Castle' in honour of Edward Lord of Canteloup and the Marquis de Gères, the Black Prince, who once resided there (providing the origin of the Cuvée's name). In 1973, the estate was bought by Lucien Lurton who restructured the vineyard and the cellar, with his son Thierry Lurton,  taking over in 2007 with the same spirit than his father a famous specialist of 'Grands Terroirs'. As a result Thierry Lurton, has become famous within the Bordeaux winemaking dynasty crafting something quite special here – and at a stunningly low price! Today Chateau Barat, is one of the last old properties on the way into the city of Bordeaux and is now actually in a suburb of the ever-expanding city! 

This fantastic Bordeaux blend is made of Merlot (95%) and Cabernet-sauvignon (5%) grown in a terroir of sand, silt and clay, on vines with an average of 20 years of age. The Cuvée Classique is made to accentuate the fruit, or in other words, the pulp. The grapes are picked fairly early without waiting for the skins to reach full ripeness. The next stage is a cold maceration to extract colour without extracting the tannins. After this short maceration period of a week to ten days the wine is separated from the skins. Fermentation is then carefully controlled to avoid any oxidation (beneficial to some extent for the tannins but detrimental to the fruit).

Food Pairing: Great alongside tagliatelle in mushroom sauce, chicken supreme with cream sauce or roasted lamb.







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