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"Really clean taste that's rich and buttery" Jamie Olive, 'The Naked Chef'

Smooth & mild taste of ripe Hass avocado

Add a little lemon, lime or vinegar for a simple salad dressing & drizzle over salads or vegetables

Olivado Extra Virgin ‘Cold Pressed' Avocado Oil (250ml)

Member rating / 39
Elsewhere $10.99 $9.56
6 Btls, $54.00 6 Btls, $46.96
Olivado Extra Virgin ‘Cold Pressed' Avocado Oil (250ml)

Olivado Extra Virgin ‘Cold Pressed' Avocado Oil (250ml)

Member rating / 39
Eexcellent for skin and hair, externally as well as internally!
Elsewhere $10.99 $9.56
6 Btls, $54.00 6 Btls, $46.96


"Really clean taste that's rich and buttery" Jamie Olive, 'The Naked Chef'

Extra virgin avocado oil has a smooth and mild taste of ripe Hass avocadoes. Perfect for gentle heating in a frying pan as well as high heat of up to 255°C.

This oil contains all the natural goodness of the avocado, high in vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, beta sitosterol and lutein. Contains no trans fats, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

The Olivado's story began at the beginning of the 21st century, in the beautiful Bay of Islands. Today it is the world’s largest producer of extra virgin cold pressed avocado oil and a leading brand sold in more than 31 countries. The now company has two production plants: the original factory in New Zealand and a base in the lush Central Highlands of Kenya. Olivado’s factories and the farmers who supply the avocados, are certified organic and fair trade, with the organic certified avocado oil from avocados being purchased directly from independent family-owned farms.

Food Pairing: Drizzle over salads and vegetables and it’s great with seafood too!


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NZ $8.00

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4.5 Stars

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Great product, at value of money

Rajni - 10/12/2021

A great oil to use for general cooking and at a good price considering the cost of an avocado in the s/markets!

David - 28/05/2018

An excellent product. Great taste and always fresh. I use it instead of extra virgin olive oil.

Wal - 16/12/2013

lovely oil, really enjoying the beautiful flavour & texture. Nice to buy NZ products at such a great price

Bronwyn - 08/06/2012

I re-order this oil, it is my go-to oil. It is so healthy and excellent for cooking and dressing food. Mild avocado taste, and great value.

Julie - 25/02/2012

Superb Avocado Oil - goes with almost everything.

Frank - 23/04/2010

Great flavour and fantastic for cooking with!!

Campbell - 29/04/2009

Thankyou, the oil arrived very promptly. I would love it if mixed boxes of flavoured oil could also be offered please ?

Terry - 06/08/2007

Good oil for cooking and dressings but I prefer to use for cooking and dipping.

Valerie - 14/06/2007

this is the best oil. And at a really good price. We now only order this oil.

Mark - 25/12/2006

Will keep on buying through Blackmarket as it is cheaper than the supermarket and I like to buy a few bottles at a time.

Selena - 07/11/2006

best price I could find

Samantha - 21/09/2012

Strong avocado flavour. tastes fresh and adds good body to salads. Excellent value at $5.75 and recommended.

Mark - 24/08/2012

Oil is great - especially good value with free shipping.

Annette - 19/12/2010

Very smooth tasting oil

Sue - 18/12/2006


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