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A light & fresh, straightforward, fruity Rosé

Coming from generations of experience, traditions and local culture, GIOL wine makers respect both their environment and raw ingredient with their organic frmninf practices

Matches well with light summer cuisine

GIOL Rosato del Castello 2016 (Italy)

Elsewhere $20.90 $18.17
Organic Wine Vegan Wine
GIOL Rosato del Castello 2016 (Italy)

GIOL Rosato del Castello 2016 (Italy)

Our wines are healthy and natural, in respect of grape. You can feel the scent of the earth, the whisper of the wind, the passion for the vineyard
Elsewhere $20.90 $18.17


This wine is light & fresh. A straightforward, fruity Rosé made from the Merlot grape. A subtle sweetness plays around the light, Merlot typical cherry fruit.
With a hint of white currants.

Since 1427, on the Giol estate, wine professionals have been handing down from one generation to the next experience, traditions and local culture related to wine making. The old winery is a highly evocative place: seemingly untouched by the passage of time, a strikingly impressive building, set against a backdrop of age-old wisteria and lime trees alongside a gurgling spring. As a result the Giol winemakers, have strong ties to the region which lead them to promote it through their wines and encouraged them in 1987, to move to employ organic farming methods, respecting both the environment and the raw ingredient.

Food Pairing: Matches light summer cuisine

Vegan friendly: produced without the use of animal-based fining agents.


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